Here is How To Get Over Your Fear of Doing Things Alone 🙆

Have you ever been to the movies or out to dinner alone? It is such a rare and strange thing to hear that someone likes to do things alone. There seems to be this stigma (especially for girls) in doing things alone, but if you've ever tried it, it is the most liberating and awesome feeling.

So, as the fearless and kick ass women that we are, we believe it is our duty to dismantle this stigma and prove that we are capable of anything by ourselves! 💪

Reasons Why Solo Adventures Are Good For You:

Clears Your Mind

You would be surprised at how overwhelmed our minds are with information. Taking time to get out of your usual surroundings and getting out there, whether to the movies or hiking, can really help you clear your mind of all those thoughts you collect everyday. 

Gets Your Creativity Going

Doing things by yourself can spark some awesome inspiration and inspire amazing ideas! Detaching from the rest of the world for a while can make you think of the most unique ideas. 

You Become Less Dependent

Usually making plans with friends to go to a restaurant or a day trip can be quite an ordeal. We usually depend on others for our experiences, which can sometimes hold you back from going places and seeing things you want to do. BE FREE and independent. Make plans and conquer the world by your lovely self! 👑

You Do What You Want To Do

The best thing about going out by yourself is that you can do exactly what you want to do. Whatever you decide to do is your experience and yours only! 



The biggest and most rewarding lesson on taking solo adventures is that you really get to understand and get to know yourself. You figure out that you are awesome and unique. You realize that you don't need others to define who you are, you are one of a kind! YOU ARE ENOUGH 🙌


Are you ready for a solo adventure?! 

Here's A Few Things to Get You Started:


Start Going to Places That Are Less Intimidating

Start off by going to places like a fitness class or to a matinee movie. You will definitely not be the only solo person attending. You can move on to going to lunch or dinner by yourself. Taking a book is great company! 📚  

Put Your Phone Away

Don't seclude yourself by being on your phone the whole time. Get out your comfort zone. Make the best out of the experience and don't miss a beat! You'd be surprised at all the great things that you open yourself up to when you detach from the social media world on these solo adventures!  

Make A Friend

A good goal to keep in mind is to make a new friend! Challenge yourself to go up to people and start conversations. There will be awkward moments but life usually is! Be yourself and you'll be fine! You'll never know who you will meet!   

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