Our Mama Mentors: These Female Boss Ladies & Why They’re Inspiring Us Right Now

Hey, it’s Harper

There’s something so awe-inspiring about women in the public eye who are out there fearlessly blazing their own paths. You know, those kinds of female boss ladies who inspire you to be better, more present, and to stand with both feet firmly in your inner power (and all the while being next-level examples of self-love and self-respect!)? Yes, those ladies!!

Luckily for me (and you!), finding “mama mentors” who exude that kind of confidence and intelligence is made SUPER easy—I’ve put together your “go-to” list of fierce women who help me continue to blaze my own unique path, and that I dare you NOT to be inspired by:


Black and white image of Beyonce wearing white hat with a pink and white border.

Beyonce is a modern day example of a woman who can do it all and run the world. She’s driven, deeply talented, has smarts, is focused and hard-working (plus, the girl can dance!), and is someone who keeps on pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. Beyonce is clearly running things on her own terms and she’s totally not sorry.

Lady Gaga

Black and white picture of Lady Gaga with a pink and white border.

Even though her years on earth are fewer, her wisdom is ageless (and priceless!). Lady Gaga's continual evolution of female power and disruption of the music and fashion scenes (in the most unique, flamboyant style of course!) is less about the fame and more about expressing her true self. Gaga reinvents herself endlessly and inspires you to love yourself and others more.

Elizabeth Gilbert

Black and white picture of Elizabeth Gilbert with a pink and white border.

After her success of Eat, Pray Love, Elizabeth shows us how to go after success, after big success (hey, why stop!?). Audacious, funny and wise, Gilbert lets inspiration lead her and shows us we don’t need anyone’s permission to lead a creative life. Elizabeth inspires you to find those (sometimes deeply) hidden treasures within and show them to the world (let that inner boss lady out!).

Michelle Obama

Black and white picture of Michelle Obama with a pink and white border.

Michelle Obama, former First Lady, is one of the most powerful women in the world and (thankfully!) uses it to spectacular effect. Michelle pushes for girls and women to receive education around the globe (she supports the same mission we do!), is a devoted mother, and an accomplished lawyer and writer. Michelle inspires you to break rules for good, to speak up for what you want, and advocate for yourself.


Black and white picture of Oprah with a pink and white border.

Philanthropist, actress and all-round global presence Oprah Winfrey is easily the most influential and powerful woman on television today, with her own hugely successful network and a worldwide following that stretches into the millions. We love how she uses her network as a platform for improving people’s wellbeing and strives to have a positive, meaningful effect in the world. Oprah inspires you to explore the depths of yourself, to own your stories (good and bad), and to be empowered no matter what the situation is.

Female boss ladies like these have the kind of influence and power that have the ability to do good, be good, and share goodness in the world. They show you that there’s no “right” approach when it comes to being powerful and being a force for good, but, instead help you to feel heartened to be more of who you are, to take the path less traveled, and to be confident inside and out, no matter what.

Here’s to keeping on blazing…


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