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Spring is for Fresh Starts! 🌸🌿💕 5 Books you must read to Motivate and Renew🌟

Spring is here and it's time for fresh starts and growth! 🌟  From spring cleaning and finances to fitness and personal growth we are listing 5 books that will help you get motivated and ready to take on spring! What better way to enjoy this beautiful weather than by sitting outside and enjoying an awesome book. 📚

The Joy of Less, A Minimalist Living Guide: How to Declutter, Organize, and Simplify Your Life by Francine Jay


Bring on the spring cleaning! It's so refreshing to declutter and get rid of all the unnecessary things e collect through out the year...where the heck do most of these things come from anyways?! 

"The Joy of Less" will give you that motivation to start organizing and declutter and make you feel good about it! This book is lighthearted and a good, easy read... 

Part One provides an inspirational pep talk on the joys and rewards of paring down. Part Two presents the STREAMLINE method: ten easy steps to rid your house of clutter. Part Three goes room by room, outlining specific ways to tackle each one. Part Four helps you trim your to-do list and free up your time, and explains how saving space in your closets can save the planet.  

Happy Spring Cleaning! 🌸

Namaslay by Candace Moore

Yoga Book

Need to incorporate some good stretching into your workouts? Yoga is such a great way to not only stretch and open up your body but it's great to breathe in the spring air and relax your mind. 

Namaslay guides readers through more than 100 yoga poses and sequences for every level. Candace also incorporates some meditation practice! Candace also has an amazing YouTube channel with yoga workout videos and guided meditations! Namaste🙏


Lucky Bitch: A Guide for Exceptional Women to Create Outrageous Success by Denise Duffield-Thomas


Who doesn't want to be successful?! It's a lot easier than you think..."In Lucky Bitch you'll discover fun strategies behind the Law of Attraction to manifest the wealth you want, the love you deserve and the courage to go after the life of your dreams." Denise shares her personal success story and gives you the tools to achieve your goals of success!   

Denise's website,, is a great resource for tips and information to help with your finances. Your finances need some spring cleaning love too! 💰

The Language of Letting Go by Melody Beattie


This is an oldie but definitely a forever goodie! You can't grow if you can't let go! Melody Beattie's book is about 15 years old but the her messages are still powerful. "Melody provides us with a thought to guide us through the day and she encourages us to remember that each day is an opportunity for growth and renewal." Such as this meditation on "Letting Things Happen":

Today, I will let things happen without worrying about the significance of each event. I will trust that this will bring about my growth faster than running around with a microscope. I will trust my lessons to reveal themselves in their own time.

Love that there are mantras and reminders for every day of the year. You can also read through and soak in all these amazing meditations all at once. Time to let go and grow! 🌿

Better than Before: What I Learned About Making and Breaking Habits--to Sleep More, Quit Sugar, Procrastinate Less, and Generally Build a Happier Life 
by Gretchen Rubin  


What's harder than breaking old habits is making new ones! But once good habits are made, they can lead to a happier life! This book "presents a practical, concrete framework to allow readers to understand their habits—and to change them for good."

Habits can be the way to making some positive changes. Gretchen answers questions such as:

• Why do I find it tough to create a habit for something I love to do?
• Sometimes I can change a habit overnight, and sometimes I can’t change a habit, no matter how hard I try. Why?
• How quickly can I change a habit?
• What can I do to make sure I stick to a new habit?
• How can I help someone else change a habit?
• Why can I keep habits that benefit others, but can’t make habits that are just for me?

Bring on the (positive) change! 🌟



Posted on March 29 2017 by Jennifer McKay Newton


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