DefineMe Fragrance




Can't decide or want to give them a try before you commit?! 

Try our sample kit, each kit includes all six scents with .03 oz of fragrance in adorable roller ball bottles, no awkward vials that are hard to open + leak for our customers! xx

We highly recommend to have fun + play with blending to see what you can come up with. We haven't found a bad combo yet!


  • Audry... jasmine, peony, rose + sandalwood.
  • Clara... lilac, violet, hibiscus, lily + light musk.
  • Delphine... lilac, freesia, ylang ylang, coconut + rosewood.
  • Harper... grapefruit, bergamot, honeysuckle + amber.
  • Payton... orange blossom, mimosa, clove buds + musk.
  • Sofia Isabel... mandarin, black currant, jasmine + sugar. 

Lots of love, fragrance oil, essential oil & fractionated coconut oil.

Rollerball applicator
Six 1mls |.03 fl oz

cruelty-free vegan beauty

What people are saying...
Just bought them to see how good was going to be to have an oil base perfume. I am surprise to know how better they are compared to your ordinary alcohol base perfumes.
A little, goes a long way, I mean, if you apply as much as you would with a regular perfume, the scent can be really overpowering. I love that I can mix them and make my personal scent. Also I am okay with the price of the kit, I know they are tiny little things, that let me tell you, that when you place them in your purse, they can get lost. But those tiny things are powerful, just apply a dab on your wrist/neck, and that's enough!....I have used them daily for a couple of weeks, and the little bottles are still full. Also I do notice that they last twice as much (maybe even more) than a regular perfume. I do recommend to purchase the kit first, then you will experience all of the scents, and later find which one you will fall in love with.
- Jessica (Customer)

I recently bought this set and the full size of the Delphine roller ball and I love them. They aren't too overpowering, but the scent still lasts a long time on the skin. I like that I can layer them if I want to or just wear them on their own depending on my mood. I am really sensitive to smells and this brand does not bother me. It's my new signature fragrance now. Though I still love my YSL and Kate Spade, these last a long time and mesh with my body chemistry pretty well. You can smell, but it's not the kind of smell where you are like, "Yeah, she has perfume on." I will be traveling soon and love that I can take this entire set and have multiple options to choose from.
-Christina (customer)