Natural Perfume Mist Samples



Whether you've taken our QUIZ, have a fave and want to try something new, or just want to try for the first time, we've created a way to make it super easy and affordable to give our scents a try!

Welcome to our TRY FOR $5 program.  Try any of our scents for only $5, including shipping!   

Samples come in a 1.5ml mini spray bottle.

Limit one of each scent per customer.


  • Audry: Swell; peony, pink rose.  Crest; jasmine, magnolia blossom.  Break; atlas cedar, sandalwood.
  • Clara: Swell; blue violet, lily.  Crest; hibiscus, lilac.  Break; powder, oakmoss. 
  • Delphine: Swell; lilac, gardenia.  Crest; ylang-ylang, freesia.  Break; coconut, rosewood. 
  • Harper: Swell; pink grapefruit, neroli.  Crest; bergamot, honeysuckle.  Break; cedarwood, amber. 
  • Kahana:  Swell: Hibiscus + Delicate Pink Pepper.  Crest: Coconut Water + White Orchid.  Break: Santal + Soft Blonde Woods.
  • Payton: Swell; orange blossom, petitgrain.  Crest; mimosa, cassis.  Break; clove buds, cocoa.
  • Sofia Isabel: Swell; mandarin, tangerine.  Crest; black currant, jasmine. Break; vanilla, sugar.
Love, organic sugarcane alcohol, DefineMe's own fragrance blend with natural and essential oils - see product pages for each scent ingredients, coconut oil.
Giving Back

For every bottle we give $1 to scholarships to help educate young women in developing countries.

Conscious Beauty

Clean Fragrance
Natural & Organic Ingredients
Made in the USA
Social Impact

Vegan + Cruelty-Free

You know that crushing feeling you get when you discover a brand or product you love has less-than above-board practices? Like, when you realize a fragrance you’ve fallen hard for actually has animal product ingredients or test on animals (yeah, that feeling!).

Part of our core mission at DefineMe Fragrance means you can rest easy knowing that you’ll never (ever!) feel that way again. Our fragrances start with many questions: What’s its purpose? What should it smell like? What should it be called?

But one thing that’s always a given is that we never include animal products in our ingredients! Cruelty to animals...ahhh, no thank you!

If you want learn more you can check out our blog post here.

Empower Through Scent

Every DefineMe scent contains a little magic to inspire, empower, and bring your inner goddess to life! Our butterflies represent transformation, growth, and beauty.