Being transparent is important to us and so we wanted to create a page to lay out and explain exactly how we are determining the value and usage of our hand sanitizer over the dominant player in the market.

We searched for "Hand Sanitizer, 2oz" on Google (March 29th, 2020) and took the first 11 links (we did not consider links posted as ads) to determine an average price for all of the various products and retailers.  We did not consider availability as none of the products we searched for were in stock.  We did allow for large packs of both 24 and 48 using the overall price divided by the quantity offered.  The resulting average price for 2oz Hand Sanitizer was $2.51.

For our 'Hands' product we tested it three ways.  We started with the per spray volume as per the documentation from our vendor.  We used that number to divide the overall volume of our bottle (60ml / 2 fl oz) to reach 463 sprays.  We adjusted down to 460+ for our claim.  We also manually tested three separate pumps and found results of 471, 463 and 459.  Finally we measured the full amount of the sprayed liquid.  That amount show almost not measurable difference from the original allowed volume.

Our recommendation for a dosage of two full sprays on your hands followed by rubbing your hands together is based on overall coverage and is in line with those made by the other manufactures of hand sanitizer. 

For the "leading brands" we used the guidance from Purell website that states that each 2oz bottle of Purell contains 60 pumps equalling 29-30 doses per bottle.  That link can be found HERE.

With price, volume and dosage recommendations we were able to break down each product in to the following categories

  • price
  • applications per bottle
  • price per application
  • assumed application dose
  • price per dose
  • estimated doses per day
  • days of use per bottle

Those results were as follows:

Price $2.51


Applications Per Bottle 60 460
Price Per Application $0.04 $0.03
Assumed Applications Per Dose 2 2
Price Per Dose $0.08 $0.06
Estimated Doses Per Day 6 6
Days of Use Per Dose 5.00 38.33


Based on these calculations, you would need roughly 7.67 - 2oz bottles of the leading brand of hand sanitizer in order to have a 38 day supply.

With an average price of $2.51 per bottle that supply would cost $19.24 for 38 days of usage under these conditions.  That results in DefineMe Hands being a savings of 22.04% over 38 days of use.

Please feel free to reach out with any questions via our contact page.

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