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"I love Sofia Isabel. It's a perfect 'go to' for my purse when I am on the go and needing a little pick me up or heading our with my girlfriends. It makes me feel sexy yet sophisticated and people compliment the way I smell all the time! It's the best!" ~Hilary (customer)


"I receive so many compliments when I wear any of the 5 unique scents but my absolute favorite is Audry because it's so soft / feminine and it transitions perfectly from day to night". ~Michelle (The Golden Cult, blog) 


"Either way, the fragrances are lovely - all are soft, feminine, sophisticated and go way beyond your basic fruity-floral-flirty scent. The best part? They don't smell like what everyone else is wearing - an incredible discovery no matter what your mood may be". ~Liz Ritter (Executive Managing Editor, New Beauty) 


"Let me start by saying that DEFINEME Fragrances are all SO yummy, you should all go out and buy yourself a bottle! ~Jessica Carroll (DressJessXO, blog)


"Okay, my husband came to the back door after a trip out of town and I had just showered and put on PAYTON. He loves her! LOL. He actually noticed how great and sexy I smelled and said, that's new right? He was loving my new scent!" ~Deborah (customer)


"I love this perfume (Clara). I'm addicted to it. I keep putting it on and smelling my wrist. I will have to have more!!!!!" ~Angela (customer) 


"I can't believe how many compliments I get on this perfume (Sofia Isabel). It smells AMAZING!!! Three co-workers have asked about it, wanted to know where they could buy it, and two asked if they could put some on! One co-worker said the scent lingers as I walk by, but it isn't too strong for the just leaves a hint. ~Laura (customer) 


"I love the sent (Payton). It's floral and spicy at the same time. Only a small amount is needed so this should last a long time. ~Cait (customer)


"I love Harper! It is not overpowering but it is long lasting. It smells better as you wear it throughout the day! ~Veronica (customer) 


"Almost everyday I try out a different combination of the fragrances. I have all five scents so I mix and match them all. It's fun to see what combinations I can come up with". ~Kimberly Vetrano (She Scribes, blog) 

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