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Self-empowerment…we all want it but do we know how to get it? Sometimes the best way to get what you want is to know what you don’t want, or in this case, to understand what stops you from achieving empowerment.  Self-empowerment is removing the obstacles that prevent us from realizing our potential.  These obstacles/barriers can prevent us from being all we can be. There are many factors that can keep us from achieving our goals. It could be practical things like shortage of money, education or training. Or one’s that other people put up for us; like a parent that steers you away from your dreams and into the career they recommend. But the most difficult barrier for us to penetrate are the ones we construct ourselves.  In my pocket/e-book, Opening the Doors of Empowerment I outline the top 5 barriers we put in our own path. I share them with you to help you avoid them and to allow you to change your habits, resulting in you reaching your true potential.

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Barrier #1: Lack of Vision - A clear guiding vision is the strongest tool for empowerment. Without it, it’s easy to put far too much effort into activities that don’t contribute to your progress. The result is wasted time, money and energy.

Barrier #2: Fear - The hardest fears to overcome are the ones we create. We can be our own worst enemy. Fear can stop people from moving forward and when this happens you are immediately disempowered. Learning how to let go of fear is critical for personal empowerment.

Barrier #3: Impatience - Patience is needed to watch ideas grow and to see what needs to be tweaked in order to become successful.  We live in a world of immediate gratification but this can lead to a feeling of emptiness. Sometimes waiting for the right thing to come around, vs the first thing to come around, will give us the greatest satisfaction and truly address our desires and needs.

Barrier #4: Perfectionism- The perfectionist may delay opening the door of opportunity in front of them until they are absolutely certain they can do it perfectly, resulting in missed opportunities. Similar to barrier #3, perfectionism is on the opposite scale of impatience. Finding the right balance between them is critical to moving forward in life and being empowered.

Barrier #5: Workload- A spiralling workload disempowers everyone it touches, at home and work.  Sometimes we feel like we’re on the hamster wheel of life…constantly busy but not really going anywhere. Becoming empowered is to stop this cycle and to ensure every action has purpose.

Like any game, the rules may be simple enough; but to remove the barriers takes discipline and commitment. The key to sustaining the removal of a barrier is to do it consistently and repeatedly. Empowering yourself isn’t something you do only once. Empowerment is a process of continual improvement. So take the first step, look at yourself, remove your barriers and become EMPOWERED!

October 04, 2014 — Jennifer Newton
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