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  • Kick Off Your 2018 Health Goals with These 5 Super Food Latte Recipes ☕️💕

    Super Food LattesSource: @spiritualgangster

    It’s a new year and time to set those 2018 goals! A popular goal for the new year is to eat healthier, which by the way, is possibly the best goal to attain for yourself. No one can stop your healthy self when you are full of energy and feel (and look) amazing. It can be overwhelming to figure out ways to add more vitamins and nutritious foods to your diet…but no need to stress. Super foods are the answer! What better nutritious foods to add to your diet than SUPER FOODS?! Sneak them into a beverage and you’ll have the prettiest, nutritious drink ever. We have 5 super food lattes that will help you reach your 2018 health goals.

    But first! A quick lesson as to what super foods are.

    We all know that eating junk and processed foods can have a detrimental effect on our energy levels, skin and overall health. Eating natural foods that are vitamin-rich make our skin glow and make us feel energetic. Super foods take healthy foods to another level! Although there is no set criteria as to what defines a superfood, these are the foods that are jam-packed with nutrients and can help provide your body with vitamins and minerals you need to thrive, survive and feel great.

    Get started by trying out one of these awesome super food latte recipes, a balanced diet and some exercise and you’ll be un-damn-stoppable! 💪


    superfood latte

    Thank you Half Baked Harvest for this amazing desert superfood hot chocolate. This tasty beverage includes beets, a lovey superfood that has a range of health benefits from lowering blood pressure to providing detox support. They're also good for the heart ❤️. Their red color also makes this latte look oh so pretty! Check out the recipe here!


    superfood latteSource: The First Mess

    Spice up your life with this yummy vanilla latte made with three spices that do wonders to our health. Tumeric is one of the most potent anti-disease herbs in the world with anti-inflammatory benefits. Gingerol in ginger may kill cancer cells more effectively than chemo and cinnamon's antioxidants have been associated with lower blood sugar and cholesterol, improvements in nausea and PMS symptoms, and decreased inflammation. That's one powerful beverage! 

    Here is the recipe by The First Mess:

    10-12 oz light coconut or unsweetened almond milk
    1 1/2-2 tsp ground turmeric
    1/4 tsp ground cinnamon
    1/4 tsp ground ginger
    fat pinch of vanilla powder
    1 1/2 tsp extra virgin coconut oil
    maple syrup/brown rice syrup to taste

    Combine all of the ingredients in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Bring the liquid to a strong simmer, whisking a couple times. Once it’s quite warm, carefully pour the liquid into a blender and slowly blend the mixture until thoroughly combined and frothy. Pour the drink into a cup and shake a bit of cinnamon on top if you like.


    superfood latte
    Source: RootsReboot

    For a healthy boost of energy, the superfood matcha has been tied to protection against heart disease, cancer, blood sugar regulation, blood pressure reduction and anti-aging. We're loving this super easy recipe by Roots Reboot!

    1 tsp. Matcha
    1/4 tsp. Cinnamon
    1 scoop Vital Proteins Collagen Peptides
    1/2 tsp vanilla extract
    1 tsp pure maple syrup or honey
    1/3 cup cashews + 1 cup water, 1 cup cashew milk or 1 cup coconut milk

    Put cashews and water into a high speed blender and blend until throughly mixed, about 1-2 minutes. Put all remaining ingredients into the blender. Blend until frothy. Reboot + Enjoy!


    superfood latte
    Another awesome superfood latte by The First Mess! This one includes maca, which is an ancient Incan superfood packed with essential vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and phytonutrients. It is tied to many health benefits such as uplifting mood and energy levels, mood balance, sexual health, women's health and healthy skin. 'Nuff said! Here's the recipe by The First Mess: 

    notes: There’s so many options for add-ins with this. I chose a teaspoon of raw cacao powder and a star anise pod, but you could reach for fresh ginger juice, turmeric, cayenne, cardamom, vanilla etc etc.

    10 ounces milk of your choice, unsweetened is preferable (I did a mix of coconut and almond)
    2 tsp maca powder
    1/4 tsp ground cinnamon + extra for dusting if you like
    1 tbsp maple syrup
    1 tsp raw cacao powder
    1-2 star anise pods (so, so optional)

    I start this drink by blending everything in an upright blender (except the star anise if you’re using it) to get all the powdery bits incorporated. Then I gently heat in a small saucepan over medium heat (with the star anise) until it’s really simmering. You could easily skip the blending step and just whisk the mixture lightly while it’s heating. Drink it warm with a dusting of cinnamon.


    superfood coffee
    Source: The Glow Fridge


    So just add all the amazing superfoods we just talked about into your cup of joe. Not only will you get your caffeine fix, you'll get all the superfood benefits! 👊 This is the best coffee recipe EVER by The Glow Fridge

    1 tablespoon raw cacao powder
    1 teaspoon raw maca powder
    1/4 teaspoon ground turmeric
    1/4 teaspoon ground cinnamon
    1/8 teaspoon ground ginger
    pinch of black pepper
    pinch of cayenne pepper (optional!)
    1 cup fresh, hot coffee
    1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
    natural sweetener of choice (raw coconut sugar, stevia, pure maple syrup)
    splash of any dairy-free milk (unsweetened vanilla almond milk)
    1 cup fresh coffee
    Add in the vanilla, sweetener, dairy free milk of choice and stir.

      This article was published on Posted on January 08 2018.

    1. The Three Rules to Follow to Reduce Holiday Stress 🎁🌲

      Reduce Holiday Stress

      Source: @hairandstyles

      Hey loves! It’s that time of year again! The holidays are amongst us and what a magical time of year it is, right? Well at least it should be, but they tend to be quite chaotic and stressful.

      December is filled with holiday parties, gift shopping and cooking and it takes a lot of hard work and patience to make it through the holidays in one piece. But, not to fear! We have three rules you must follow to reduce that holiday stress along with a few tips to help. 

      Rule #1
      ADJUT YOUR EXPECTATIONS - Make Things Simple and Easy

      Don’t try to make everything Pinterest worthy. Make things simple, fast and easy. Instead of making 3-D snowman cookies, make some good ol’ chocolate chip cookies. Wear an outfit you already have, don’t feel like you need to buy a whole new wardrobe. After all, you want the good times spent with family and friends the memorable thing, not your cookies and outfits.


      Rule #2
      PRIORITIZE - You Can’t Do Everything

      So much to do, so little time. Don’t ware yourself out and try to go to every holiday party and/or host a party every weekend. Make priorities as to where you feel is the most important place to be. It is okay to say NO. You can always make plans after the holidays to see friends and family you are unable to see.

      Rule #3
      GRATITUDE IS EVERYTHING – Remember What the Holidays Are Really About

      Don’t make the holidays about buying the best presents, wearing the cutest outfit or making the best desert. The holidays are about being grateful and reminding us how truly lucky we are to have such amazing family and friends.

      Here are some tips and ideas to make it through the holiday madness:


      Secret Santa
      Do you have a big family and/or a big group of friends? Consider doing a Secret Santa. That will not only reduce your stress but you’ll be doing your friends and family a favor.

      Thoughtful, Clutter-free Gifts We all know someone that is really hard to shop for or “has everything they want already’. Consider getting them a gift card to something they love to do. If they love going to yoga, buy them a pass to a class or a series of classes. Everyone loves a massage, facials or mani/pedi’s…a gift card for a service makes a lovely gift also.

      Pass on a Gift, Go on a Date
      Don’t have time to shop? Planning to meet with a friend or family member sometime during or after the holidays for some coffee or a nice dinner can be a great gift and a way to spend quality time together that is sometimes hard to make time for.
      Gift Idea Coffee DatesSource:

      The cooking is never ending during the holidays. Find easy and simple recipes. Slow cookers are the best this time of year. Here are some easy recipes to try out…you’re welcome!

      Yummy Chicken Salad

      Martha Stewart Slow Cooker Pot Roast

      And for desert…slow cooker cheesecake!

      Six 2-ingredient Holiday Cocktails

      Easy Holiday Cocktail Recipes

      For those hostesses with the mostest…don’t stress on creating a winter wonderland. Less is more!

      Throw on a Christmas playlist, that should set the mood enough. Spotify has several great Christmas playlists….such as this one 🎶

      Get some holiday candles! Bath & Body Works has a great affordable collection of holiday candles. See their whole collection here! 🕯

      Find a small cute Christmas tree, their easy to find and affordable. They're the perfect touch! 🌲
      Simple Holiday DecorSource: @desenio

      and most importantly…MAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF

      Take lots of baths, take a day to get a facial or massage, find the time to work out or talk walks. You deserve some love too! 🛁
      reduce holiday stressSource: @taramilktea




      This article was published on Posted on November 30 2017.

    2. Fall Beauty Essentials! 💄🍂

      Fall Beauty Essentials

      Fall is here and along comes the cooler weather and warmer clothes. Our wardrobe isn't the only thing that needs updating...our beauty routine should too. The dry and windy fall weather takes a toll on our skin and hair and we must remember to HYDRATE, HYDRATE, HYDRATE. We've listed eleven fall beauty essentials to beat this dry weather. Of course, all products are vegan and cruelty-free. 🐰💕

      1.DefineMe Hair Fragrance Mists and Fragrance Oils $38 & $39 - We had to start off with mentioning our new hair fragrance mists! Washing your hair everyday can make it very dry and brittle and the cooler weather does not help. Refresh and nourish your hair with DefineMe's new Hair Fragrance Mists. Packed with nutrients to give you healthy, shiny hair. Not to mention your hair will smell amazing! Also, DefineMe Fragrance Oils are coconut-based and have supernatural staying power! Perfect for the windiest days. 🌼🍂 

      2. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer $27 - You'll need full coverage concealer to fight off the windy, dry days. Tarte's Shape Tape is hydrating and longwearing and available in every shade. 

      3. Jouer Essential High Coverage Creme Foundation $38 - Jouer's high coverage creme foundation will keep you covered and hydrated. LIghtweight and long-lasting, it also has chamomile and cucumber extract. This will keep you looking #flawless all day, everyday.

      4. NCLA's Clear the Runway Nail Polish $16 - You know that perfect fall wine red nail color? This is it! 💅

      5. ColourPop Moondancer Ultra Matte Lip $6 - You know that perfect fall plum lip color? Well, this is it! ColourPop's ultra matte lips are longlasting. So sip on that coffee and take on the day with the perfect fall lip color! 💋

      6. Hurraw! Coconut Lip Balm $3.79 - Coconut oil in a lip balm? Yes, please! What better way to keep your lips hydrated. Also, you will not find beeswax in this lip balm. 🐝💕

      7. elf Hydrating Cleanser Kit $9 - Hydrate, cleanse, exfoliate with this cleanser/exfoliator duo! Leaves your skin refreshed and moisturized and for a whopping $9! 😍

      8. elf Cleansing Duo Face Brush $14 - Exfoliate, cleanse and a pretty awesome face massage all in one! Perfect to use with elf's Hydrating Cleanser kit! 👆

      9. Lush The Olive Branch $9.95 - There is possibly nothing more moisturizing than olive oil. There's no better way to nourish your skin than with this body wash! It's infused with olive oil, vine leaves, sea salt and fresh mandarin's just like a warm embrace. 🤗

      10. Purlisse Sheet Masks $8 - Sheet masks are a quick way to give your face some love. The blue lotus and white tea mask is the best to hydrate your skin. Not only's "soothing & calming, balancing & restoring." 🙏

      11. Kevin.Murphy Hydrate.Me Masque  - We'll just go ahead and copy and paste the description used on the website... it's perfect! " A repairing and smoothing masque infused with Rose Hip & Evening Primrose Oil. Contains Kakadu Plum, Seaweed and vitamin charged treatment capsules that explode on contact to deliver hydration and moisture." Ummm...yes, please! 🙌  


      This article was published on Posted on November 01 2017.

    3. Day of the Girl: Four Powerful Girl Activists That are Paving the Future

      Today is a national holiday that celebrates the potential of girls in different cultures and highlights the obstacles, threats, discrimination and issues many girls face. Girls deserve better education, protection from sexual assault and child marriage, better access to resources…a better future. The United Nations created this holiday to voice these issues and empower girls worldwide. Today is Day of the Girl!

      What better day than today to celebrate young women activists that are fighting for girls' rights. These advocates are giving a voice to every girl facing disadvantages simply because of their gender and are giving them hope of a brighter future. We are featuring four powerful girl activists that are taking a stand against issues their community faces and are doing it in truly inspiring ways.


      Girl Activists Define Me



      Sonita was 10 years old when her parents first tried to sell her into marriage. Luckily, this arranged marriage fell through, but when she was 16, her mother once again told her she had to marry a man she did not know. Sonita’s brother needed $7,000 for a dowry, and the family would make $9,000 selling her. “I realized against my brother, I have no value. And they couldn’t understand me,” recalls Sonita.  

      Sonita’s family was from Afghanistan who fled to Iran because of the war. The arranged marriage would have her return to Afghanistan where her future husband lives. But Sonita refused to go and began protesting child marriages in a unique and completely awesome way, rapping! Every year, 15% of Afghan girls are subject to child marriage and Sonita decided to voice her advocacy by recording her music, which is also illegal for a woman to do without government permission in Iran.

      After being offered a full scholarship to study music at Wasatch Academy in Utah, Sonita continues to record her rap music and works as an activist against child marriage from her school in the US.

      Check Sonita’s rap…  


      Girl Activists DefineMe


      Jazz was only five years old when she came out as transgender and at the age of seven, she began transitioning in front of the public eye. Jazz has since been dedicated to helping other trans teenagers ”navigate a hostile world during their difficult and confusing adolescences.”

      Recently, she wrote an inspirational letter to her 5-year-old self:

      Dear 5-Year-Old Jazz,

      I know that so many people attempt to cloud the purity of your happiness with their tenacious hatred. I know that your eyes glisten with hope, yet they will still be denied by the intolerance of society. I know that your heart beats with the gratifying rhythm of freedom yet so many others prefer the trepidatious sound of fear or the unrelenting drum of cruelty. However, let that hope in your eyes and the love in your heart continuously be confident that one day everyone will be able to hear that alluring melody of freedom. Continue to smile big and move forward in the direction of progress, for you will see change be brought upon this world—a change that you will help create.

      Your 16-Year-Old Self

      Jazz provides support and advice to trans teens on her YouTube Channel, has a published memoir, Being Jazz: My Life As A (Transgender) Teen and is also the first trans spokesperson for Clean & Clear!


      Girl Activist DefineMe

      Source: Elle


      Amanda is the first ever U.S. youth poet laureate and a sophomore at Harvard. She is only 19 and using her poetry to shine light on issues of race, feminism, oppression, and marginalization. She often says that social justice work is integral to her identify as a writer. Amanda founded a nonprofit, One Pen One Page, when she was 16 years old, to provide creative writing opportunities for underserved youth across the country.  

      "Poetry exists as a unique tool that can interrogate and communicate issues of inequality and injustice in a manner that is inherently rebellious," Gorman said. "Poetry as an art form in itself cuts against the grain ... Poetry, and art in general, is humankind's creative mechanism for social change. There's a reason tyrants fear the poet."

      Amanda has the most amazing energy and delivers her poems with passion. Get ready to get the chills!


      Girl Activist DefineMe



      Malala  was born in Pakistan, and is deeply passionate about education. When the Taliban began having a greater influence in the region, it became dangerous for girls to go to school, but Malala refused to give up her right of an education. At 12 years old, she began writing for a blogs detailing her experiences as a young female student and became a public figure for gender equality. The Taliban felt threatened and when Malala was 15, she was shot in the head by a Taliban member as she rode the bus home from school.

      This only made Malala more motivated and determined to advocate the issues with girls’ access to an education. Malala is the youngest person to win the Nobel Peace Prize, she is an author, speaker and founder of the Malala Fund, which works to ensure girls’ access to education, especially in the global south.

      This article was published on Posted on October 11 2017.

    4. The Secret to Having a Perfect Day, Everyday! 🌟

      Imagine tomorrow is the perfect day. You wake up feeling refreshed and ready to take on whatever comes your way. You get most of your to-do list done and even fulfill a goal you’ve been aiming to achieve. You have time to work out, run an errand, eat healthy and meet with a friend for tea or even a cocktail. IMAGINE THAT! If every day went like this, where would you be a year from now? Totally rocking your goals and achieving more than you thought possible! So, here is the secret to having the “best day ever” everyday…

      Find a morning and evening routine that works for YOU. It’s as simple as that! Not everyone is an early bird, and you don’t have to get your 5am work out in to be successful. Find the idle routine that works for you and be realistic. Most importantly, don’t be so hard on yourself if there’s a day where things don’t go exactly as planned, shit happens! Tomorrow is another day. Here are a few suggestions on what your morning and evening routines can consist of.

      Morning and evening routines

      Morning Routine


      We’ve all heard this before and it is truly a simple way to get your day started off right! There is something about coming home to a tidy - it’s relaxing and encourages you to keep the rest of your room clean. “If you want to change the world, start off by making your bed.

      WORK OUT

      If you're an early bird, get your work out in bright and early! Scratch that off your list early and take on the rest of your day.


      If you're not an early bird, take at least 10 minutes of your morning to stretch and get some blood flowing. It’s a nice relaxing and refreshing way to start your day. There are some great morning yoga videos you can watch on YouTube. Check out Yoga By Candace and Sarah Beth Yoga for short yoga routines perfect for your morning routines.


      If you've never mediated, it is such a great practice to adopt in your daily routines. Meditation reduces stress, improves concentration, increases self-awareness, slows aging and benefits cardiovascular and immune health. Five to ten minutes is all you need daily. An amazing app for meditation is HeadSpace!


      Take some time for social media and get a little head start by replying to some emails before work.


      While you’re getting ready, listen to some inspiration and positivity. Check out a list of some self-improvement podcasts HERE. Also, for some inspiration on making your morning and evening routines a habit, listen to “ The Power of Habit”!


      Make sure to get your breakfast in! Starting your day off with a healthy breakfast and a much need cup of coffee or tea is so important. It’s the fuel you need to start your day off right! If you have limited time in your morning to make breakfast, make some time in your evening routine to prep your breakfast. Try simple and healthy recipes such as this yummy Strawberry Chia Overnight Oats

      Evening Routine


      We often don’t realize all the little accomplishments we achieve throughout the day and it’s so good to acknowledge them! This helps you overcome the discouragement that comes with setbacks and really helps all the good things you have done shine through the bad stuff!


      You can also wind down your day with meditation, if you don’t have time in the morning or you prefer to end your day with meditation.


      If you got your workout on in the morning, yoga is a good day to wind down.


      For those that are not early birds or just like to work out in the evenings, working out can really get you a good night's sleep.


      If you're not happy with a particular part of your life or want to make some life changes, take 15 minutes to find ways to improve these areas. Brainstorm ideas and list some things that you would like to change and would ultimately make you happy.


       Take time in the evening to prep for the next day. Prep your breakfast and lunch, pick out your outfit, and prep your coffee maker.


      Set a boundary to your evening. Find a time where you will completely shut down, stop working and turn off all electronics. Try to give yourself at least an hour before bed. 


      Drink some water before bed to not only keep you hydrated, but to get you out of bed in the morning! Also, keep a glass of water next to your bed to drink first thing in the morning. Drinking water first thing in the morning helps renew cells, flushes and balances toxins from your body and purifies your colon!

      This article was published on Posted on September 28 2017.

    5. Foods that make your skin GLOW! 🌟

      The secret to glowing skin is in our diet! Here are 4 superfoods that will make your skin GLOW! Implement these foods into your daily diet and you will see a dramatic change in your skin. As they say, "beauty starts from within." 🌟


      super food

      Avocados help to regenerate damaged skin cells and also reduces any irritation and redness. There is an oil that avocados carry called Omega 9 which heals and moisturizes the epidural, the top layer of your skin. Overall they will keep your skin firm and dewy looking plus they're yummy! Spending extra money on that guac is totally worth it!🥑 💸


      super food blueberries

      Eating blueberries is probably one of the easiest and tastiest ways to raise your antioxidant intake. Antioxidants help fight off free radicals...quick science lesson! Free radicals are atoms with an unpaired number of electrons compared to protons and can be formed from things like pollution, smog, and the sun. The answer to fighting free radicals is antioxidants! 🍇


      lemons super food

      Lemons work wonders for your skin and are great for your overall health! This fruit is jam packed with vitamin- c which helps neutralize free radicals but it also helps to create collagen. Collagen is responsible for creating elasticity in your skin. Above all, lemon is one of the most alkalizing ingredients for your body. To alkalize means to treat your body with alkali which is a chemical compound that neutralizes acids. Anything with a pH level of 7 or higher is considered alkaline. But isn't lemon extremely acidic? Yes! Lemon is acidic BEFORE consumption and digestion, but once digested into the body and metabolized it creates alkaline byproducts in your body. Overall, one of the best foods for your skin! 🍋

      Coconut Water

      super food coconut water

      Coconut water has an astounding amount of health benefits for your body and skin. Coconut water carries essentials for healthy skin like vitamin, calcium, potassium and magnesium. All these great ingredients will keep your skin healthy and radiant. Best of all, coconuts hold an immense amount of electrolytes that keep your skin glowing! 🌴✨ 

      This article was published on Posted on August 31 2017.

    6. Back to School: Everything you Need to Crush the new School Year 📚💕

      Back to school season is amongst us yet again! Hooray! Well, hooray for new school supplies that is. We’ve put together 9 back to school essentials you need to get through the school year/semester. Your GPA will thank you later. Let’s crush it ladies! 💪

      back to school essentials
      1. Faux Leather Backpack: Can't go wrong with a cute faux leather backpack! This one is available for only $19 at Target! 🎒💕

      2. Tape Dispenser
      Geometric and rose gold….a desk’s dream!

      3. Delphine + Harper Fragrance Oil: Delphine inspires creativity, + Harper inspires fearlessness! Smell good, feel inspired, + get ready to tackle whatever the school year brings. 

      4. Pencil Bag: Marble has been one of 2017’s most popular trends so far and will continue to be huge in the Fall. 

      5. Pencils: You aren’t basic. Don’t have basic pencils! Nuff’ said.

      6. Laptop Sleeve: Protecting your beloved mac will never go out of style!

      7. Note Pad: Tackle that to-do list girl! 

      8. Headphones: Zone everything and everyone out, in style.  

      9. Planner: We can’t all have personal assistants but we can have planners!

      This article was published on Posted on August 24 2017.

    7. Subscription Box Addiction: Four Subscription Boxes for any Girl! 🎁💕

      Today, it seems like there’s a subscription box for just about everything and anything you could possibly think of!  So which ones do you choose? We hand-picked 4 subscription boxes that we know you’ll LOVE! Enjoy! 😘

      "Sparkle, Hustle, Grow!"



      This is a fun monthly subscription box for any woman entrepreneur who wants to grow their business or a great resource for some #girlboss inspiration! For $39.95, each month you receive 4-6 items that will help you grow your business and online community.  What your paying for is not only the items but the knowledge. Each month comes with courses designed to teach you different marketing skills. Some of the previous boxes have had courses on how to implement a Pinterest strategy and skyrocket your traffic, how to use Facebook Live and Facebook Ads, how to grow your email list and more. Overall this is an amazing subscription box to try out that will give you quality items as well as quality knowledge for your business.  



      FabFitFun is an all around lifestyle subscription box that includes full-sized products that are delivered quarterly for each season of the year. Each box values at $200+ and only costs you $50! It includes different things like beauty products, bags, journals, candles, jewelry, things for fitness, accessories and more! These are awesome valued boxes that include all things needed to feel fabulous, fit and fun!


      Source: & @allureofbeauty

      Ipsy is one of the original, most popular and top rated beauty boxes with a crazy killer price of $10! Yes, you read that correctly $10! In every Ipsy Glam Bag you receive a super cute makeup bag and inside are 5 sample-sized beauty products ranging from foundation, eye shadows, primers, moisturizers, fun lip colors, nail polishes and more!  What sets Ipsy apart from other beauty boxes is that you take a personalized quiz so that your products are hand picked for your skin color/type, hair type, brands you like and more preferences! P.S. You may even receive a DefineMe fragrance in your bag!  Woot Woot! 🙌

      "Petit Vour" 

      Petie Vour Subscription BoxPetit Vour Box

      Petit Vour is an amazing beauty box powered by a great cause. In every Petit Vour beauty box there are 4 generously sized and sometimes full-sized cruelty-free, vegan, and non-toxic beauty products! That in itself is so amazing! It costs only $15 a month to subscribe and we would highly recommend Petit Vour to all of our beauty loving, animal loving and vegan gals!  

      This article was published on Posted on August 17 2017.

    8. Why Going to a Wellness Retreat is Your Perfect Summer Getaway! 🙏💕

      Sometimes it feels like you need a vacation from your vacation right?! If you feel like you need some relaxation, you don't have to go far! You can find wellness retreats close to you especially if you live on the west coast. Different retreats offer different activities for your well-being that will make you feel like a new, recharged and relaxed person! Here are three amazing health and wellness retreats that can help you find inner-piece this summer. 

      Wellness Retreats

      The Ranch | Malibu, CA

      Located along the beautiful coast of Malibu, California, The Ranch is the perfect getaway designed for mental, physical and spiritual transformation. They offer 1 to 10 day programs depending on your desired time frame. Here’s what a typical day at The Ranch looks like: Morning stretch, morning mountain hike, a cooking class with their chef and lunch, a midday nap, group breakout sessions, evening yoga, deep tissue massages, facials and passing out.  Sounds pretty much perfect, sign us up!

      Wellness RetreatSource:

      Golden Door | San Marcos, CA

      Golden Door is 5-7 day mind and body transformation program inspired by zen symbolism and traditional Japanese culture. The Golden Door experience is all about centering and rejuvenating yourself.  They offer 30 miles of private trails, fitness classes, tai-chi on the mountain, biointensive-farmed meals, spa treatments and mindfulness sessions. The facility also includes a beautiful spa for all of your skincare and relaxation needs. Daily in-room massages, skincare and body treatments, mani/pedicures, exfoliating scrubs, and hydrotherapy baths for specific skin care needs.  

      Wellness Retreat


      The Pearl Laguna | Laguna Beach, CA 

      Located in beautiful Laguna Beach, The Pearl Laguna is an award winning yoga, hiking and cleansing retreat started by two renowned yogis, Geo and Katresha.  The Pearl Laguna offers single week and multi-week retreats designed to transform your mind and body spiritually and physically  The program combines a detoxifying diet with three major activities: yoga, hiking and meditation creating a powerful experience.  The diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs from the garden on property.  Every morning, guests are taken onto hikes overlooking the coast,  two daily yoga classes, a workout class, meditation, and a therapeutic healing massage along with optional amenities like pools and saunas.

      This article was published on Posted on August 03 2017.

    9. Instagram Summer Inspiration 🌈 + Summer Flat Lay Summer Essentials

      Clear blue waters sun-kissed golden hours, and so many coconuts🌴🌊,🌅 could you (and your Instagram) not love summer?! Need some content inspiration for the summer? Or just want to look at some vibrant images that make you day dream about walking along pink beaches?!💕 Here are some must-follow colorful Instagram accounts. Thanks for the inspo @acolorstory, @lovelyindeed, @kimgenevieve and @colorscollective !!😘
      Summer Inso @colorscollective
      Summer Inspo @kimgenevieve

      Summer Inspo @acolorstory

      Summer Inspo @LovelyIndeed

      ...and not that you have some visual summer inspiration, here are some summer flat lay essentials!  

      Flat Lay Inspiration

      1.Bright colored popsicles! Gives you an excuse to buy (and eat) some tasty and refreshing treats! 🍦 
      2. Vacation floppy hat with cute stitching (so in right now!)
      3. Fresh fruit! Watermelon, pineapples, and citrus are nature's colorful (and yummy) masterpieces! 🍉🍍🍊
      4. Palm leaves/ banana leaves have a nice texture and color. They are the perfect touch! 🌴
      5. Summer sunnies! 😎
      6. You can never go wrong with a simple black bikini
      7. Anything + everything coconut! 🌴💕
      8. Your favorite summer beauty products! Share your recommendations!
      9. Cute beach sandals
      10. Beach towels!
      11. Unicorn floaty! It isn't a pool party without these little guys! 

        This article was published on Posted on July 27 2017.

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