Fall in Love
with Floret

Infused with rose quartz crystals.

Natural • Organic • Vegan • Cruelty-Free • For All

Natural Scents for the Mind, Body, and Spirit

All of our fragrances are created with powerful intention. We're on a mission to empower self-worth and confidence through scent.


Crystal Infused
Reed Diffusers

Clean scents for your home.

here's what people are saying.
It has become my favourite perfume EVER! I love essential oil based perfumes but find the scent mixtures are not always as sophisticated, but THIS ONE is the perfect blend! It's deep, rounded, floral and warm!
— Siyobin / Sofia Isabel Travel Spray
I am IN LOVE!!! This is the best perfume I’ve ever had and everyone at my job from coworkers to clients constantly compliment it or ask me it’s name. The scent lasts all day and smells beautiful and amazing. You will not be disappointed I’m hooked for life!
— Jinsoul / Sofia Isabel - Citrine
I picture myself wearing this at a beautiful beach resort. I love when a scent transports you somewhere and Kahana totally does that. It's a lighter scent but that is what makes it so special. I get little whiffs of it throughout my work day and it makes me smile. Plus you will get compliments!
— Nicole / Kahana Natural Perfume Mist
This is such a lovely scent. Every time someone smells it they always comment on how beautiful it smells.
— Jen / Audry Travel Spray
I usually wear Gucci and Chanel, but I like this better. It has a citrus smell and a floral undertone. It’s so pleasant and calming.
— Rebecca / Sofia Isabel - Citrine
I'm going to start with a quote from my wife... "In my opinion, this is better than Flowerbomb."
— Xavier / Sofia Isabel Natural Perfume Mist
OMG THIS IS MY FAV!!! Smells so dang good and it’s calming.
— Jessica / Sofia Isabel Natural Perfume Oil
Love the variety in the sample kit. Beautiful scents individually or layered.
— Kathy / Fragrance Oil Sample Kit
I wish I could drink this perfume, it’s a gorgeous creamy orange and has great projection and longevity. I can’t wait to wear this in warmer weather!! the bottle itself is gorgeous and luxurious. blind buy safe if you generally like the notes listed!!
— Sloane / Sofia Isabel - Citrine
This is the best smelling perfume ever. It’s like a walk through a beautiful garden in spring. It’s light, natural smelling and it last for a very long time.
— Jen / Delphine Travel Spray
Awesome scent, longevity and sillage. It's sweet but not sugary, and it has some lovely spicy notes. I can see the comparison to Coco Mademoiselle, but it is definitely different. I've already received some compliments and Ive only worn it twice. Will most definitely keep this in my collection.
— Gidget / Payton Natural Perfume Oil
This fragrance is sweet, spicy, and lasts a long time. I love how it blends with my skin and softens to a beautiful fragrance.
— Jessica / Harper Travel Spray
I am so happy I purchased this mini sample kit. I love pretty much all of the fragrances especially Payton and Clara. The roller ball is perfect for someone that just wants a light application. Great purchase.
— Yvonne / Fragrance Oil Sample Kit
The smell is indescribable, coconut-y, floral, lucious, lovely and I seriously mean that I wish I could live inside this fragrance. It is a wonder and makes me feel beautiful and oh so happy. I enjoy the others and recommend them to everyone that asks what I'm wearing but Kahana, that one, wow! Nailed it!
— Erika / Kahana - Aquamarine