she's the first


We adore creating divine smelling scents, but the reason we created DefineMe was with a strong pull in our hearts to empower barrier-crushing, mold-breaking women. It’s that mission that compelled us to find a social mission to match.

She’s The First is a “non-charity” kinda charity. Fighting gender inequality by supporting girls in low-income countries to be the first in their family to graduate from high school—and a no-brainer choice! So every time you purchase a DefineMe Fragrance, $1 goes to She’s The First* and together we’re making a dent in the 31 million girls worldwide who currently receive no education (crazy, but true!). *DefineMe Dollar includes all our products except the Fragrance Oil Kits.


How DefineMe Dollars Help Girls

Hands-on education and mentorship are empowering these incredible girls to be global leaders for the future. Since 2018 we have been supporting a group of girls self-named “The Chocolate Covered Strawberries” located in Peru. She’s The First discovered that social support networks are the #1 most powerful intervention to reduce drop-out risk, hence the group dynamic.

As students and leaders in their community, The Chocolate Covered Strawberries are inspired by the values of respect, solidarity, and kindness. They meet with their mentors (trained in personal development and leadership training) weekly to talk about how to begin tackling local issues like environmental contamination, how to encourage people locally to reduce plastic bag usage, use solar panels for energy, and reduce car travel and use bicycles instead (talk about mold-breaking!).

So from us to you, THANK YOU for helping us make this support possible. For helping break the cycle of inequality and deliver inner confidence to millions of girls around the world. Because a girl with an education is unstoppable!

A group of the Chocolate Covered Strawberries Peru smiling at the camera.2018 - present: The Chocolate Covered Strawberries from Peru.

Ayen & Achol smiling for a portrait photo of themselves.

In 2017 we sponsored Ayen (left) Achol (right) and from South Sudan via the She’s The First Champion Scholarship.

Suscila from Nepal standing outside her school smiling on a sunny day.

In 2016 we sponsored Suscila from Nepal via the She’s The First Champion Scholarship with covered her tuition, empowerment programs and boarding.