Jennifer McKay Newton founder headshot
With an albeit unique combination of qualities including a background in interior and industrial design, a deep desire to create products that make a positive impact in people’s lives, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a nose for scent, Jennifer McKay Newton launched DefineMe Fragrance in March of 2015.

Overcoming her own life's struggles as inspiration, she developed DefineMe in an effort to help others discover their own value and strengths. She was amazed to discover there is an actual science behind it. Studies have shown a connection between scent and emotion, and she wanted to use the power of fragrance to evoke a positive, empowering response. When someone applies a DefineMe fragrance, the goal is for the scent to make them feel good, remarkable—and worthy of love, respect, and success.

Jennifer thoughtfully formulates each DefineMe scent and product, using clean, natural, organic, vegan, cruelty-free ingredients combined to induce positive emotions like self-love, creativity, gratitude, mindfulness, wanderlust, free-spiritedness, and strength. She thinks of the scents as wearable doses of olfactory magic, bringing your inner goddess to life. This transformative power of DefineMe fragrances is also why she chose to adorn each bottle with beautiful, graphically designed butterflies; the ultimate symbol of metamorphosis.

Jennifer’s mission of affecting positive change, does not, however, end with our fragrance collection. Our co-mission is to empower economically-disadvantaged young women around the world by providing them with the means to get educated. To do this, we’ve partnered with She’s The First, a non-profit organization that facilitates educational scholarships for young women in developing countries. For every DefineMe product purchased $1 goes directly towards She’s The First educational scholarships.

Finally, DefineMe is celebrating its seventh birthday in 2022, a milestone we couldn’t have achieved without the support of our loyal customers. Jennifer and her team are incredibly grateful to all who’ve joined them on this empowering journey.