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Can you think of one thing that happened today that you’re grateful for? You’d be surprised at how awesome your perspective in life can be when you choose to find one thing to be grateful for everyday. You’ll be able to take those stressful, “OMG my life is falling apart” moments and get through them…like a boss. You’ll notice that you have an extra pep in your walk, your frown is turned upside down and the glass always seems to be half full.

So find things your grateful for everyday and write them down! A gratitude journal has been scientifically proven to show improvement in a person’s attitude and even some physical benefits, including better sleep, lower stress levels and fewer symptoms of illness.

What is a gratitude journal you may ask? It is simply a journal you keep by your bed and write down something you are grateful for each night. “Ain’t nobody got time for that” you may be thinking, but the good thing about gratitude journals are their flexibility. There is no requirement for the length of content or amount spent writing in your journal. Write down a phrase, or even a word and you will gain the benefits.

Here are some amazing things to look forward to when starting your gratitude journal:

Becoming more present and aware

You get yourself a gratitude journal (it does not have to be fancy, by the way) and now you know you have to find something to write in it at the end of the day. Instead of just going through the motions of your day, your conscious of trying to find a good moment. You notice that your cup of coffee this morning is pretty damn good and how amazing the sky looks while the sun is setting. You find yourself enjoying the moment.  

There’s a shift in your attitude

You’re finding the good in all things! This makes you aware of the energy you carry around and radiate. Instead of being a Debbie Downer, you point out the good. Living life with gratitude makes you spend less time thinking about the negatives (which we always seem to make up in our mind by thinking too much) you move on to the good! You realize that the more you look for good things, the more good things happen.

You are calm in times of stress

This might be the best thing your gratitude journal can do for you. Times of stress seem to always come in waves. Financial incidents seem to happen all at once or some kind of dramatic life event is followed by another. Have you noticed that you have made it through these stressful events? Was that stress at that time really worth it? You will always make it through tough situations…you grow through what you go through, am’iright?  So during these times that life flat-out sucks, you focus on the good. You realize things happen for a reason. There’s a lesson in your situation and you either decide to work hard to fix the problem, if possible or simply just let it go and move on.

Are you ready to start a gratitude journal and start looking at things on the bright side? Challenge yourself to do it for a month and let us know how it goes in the comments below! 👇

February 19, 2018 — B Social Collaborator

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