We are so excited to share that for all the DefineMe Fragrance bottles sold last year, you were able to provide a "Girl Champion" Donation to "She's the First"! 🎉 

A lucky girl in a low-income country will be provided with tuition, empowerment programs and boarding all thanks to YOU! 

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So…what is all this about, you ask? Let me tell you how awesome “She’s the First” non-profit and the DefineMe Dollar program is. 👯💕

"She’s the First" is a nonprofit organization whose focus is to get girls to graduate. They provide scholarships to girls in low-income countries, fostering first-generation graduates and cultivating the next generation of global leaders. 100% of donations go to these scholarships!

She's The First list of benefits to scholars.

What’s so great is that not only do they provide tuition, they also provide tools these girls need to be successful. They also provide mentorships, healthy food uniforms, medicine, and boarding.

Want to meet some of the “She’s the First” scholars? 🌟Click here🌟 🚨Warning!🚨 Grab a tissue, this will give you the feels! Tears of joy are coming your way…

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What better organization to partner with?! DefineMe Fragrance is all about empowerment and building a community of inspirational kick ass women! Last year we definitely felt the power of the DefineMe Dollar program. For every bottle of fragrance sold, we donate $1 to “She’s the First”!

Not only was this last donation able to help a girl be the first in her family to get through school, we are so grateful for your support and making this happen! You guys are seriously the best! 😘

We are anxiously waiting to meet the lucky girl this amazing opportunity you guys have provided. We will announce this information once we receive it!

For now, enjoy reading this letter from a “She’s the First” scholar who got a donation from us in our first year of business in 2015! You were able to provide her tuition to get through high school!

Letter handwritten from She's The First scholar.
Want more information on "She's the First"? Check out their website!
Also make sure to follow them on Instagram for news and updates! 

January 04, 2017 — B Social Collaborator
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