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Shining Bright on the Beautified Spotlight: Danika Brysha + Her inspirational self-care routine

We are so excited to have Danika in our beautified spotlight!

She is an expert in positive transformation + it all started with herself! After dealing with a lifetime of food and weight struggles, she has found healthy ways to overcome these obstacles and to help other women. Danika empowers others to transform and overcome by reminding us that it is so important to show ourselves some love!

We felt so much happiness and were so inspired when we came across Danika’s nighttime self-love routine. We hope it has the same effect on you!

 Living in a small 180 sq ft garage apartment, Danika has made a space that is spiritual, peaceful, practical, and energizing. In this tiny space she has set up her own alter of the things that she loves (among those things, we spy DEFINEME Sofia Isabel). One hour before bed, she shuts down all screens. No phone, no TV, no laptop.


“I can’t begin to tell you how fulfilling this “Wind Down” has become for me.”



In this hour…

I spend 15 minutes finalizing my daily self-care checklist.

I write my evening gratitude.

Plan my calendar for the next day, and write the days takeaways. These are the   overarching lessons I learned that day. Things like “Taking 10 minutes to clean my space each day makes me so much more peaceful in all the other hours” or “sweet potatoes trigger my sweet cravings”.

Before I shut down my computer, I then shut off my screens and warm up 2 cups of bone broth and take my vitamins.

I get in bed and I journal while I drink my broth. I light candles and diffuse essential oils.
Once I get the last of my rambling thoughts from my head onto paper, I meditate for 5- 10 minutes.

Then, I pick up whatever book sounds good to me. Sometimes I’m up for learning something and other times I need a total joy ride. Other times I color.

I do this until my eyes get tired and I fall asleep. And man do I sleep well after this wind  down


      How magical does this one hour sound?! It is so important to show ourselves love and find time to unwind, reflect and find peace within every hectic day.

      Posted on December 03 2016 by Jennifer McKay Newton


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