Coachella is ALWAYS a good time. It’s everything a summer music festival should be—sunny skies, a wildly diverse lineup of music acts, and a weekend of super fresh, mellow vibes where everyone is welcome. Aside from the fact of spending days in the desert with good friends, good food, and good music, the vibe this year is next-level—here’s what we’re already loving about it:

1. Coachella Remains The Undisputed Leader As A Pop Culture Lover's Daydream


From the iconic ferris wheel and striking art installations to the sheer star power wandering around, 2019 is a pop culture lover's daydream. Coachella has fused music, art, nature, and fashion all into one (or two) epic weekends of pure IG inspiration.

2. Coachella, Always Has A Fresh Take On Reality


Coachella is synonymous with the world of art, creativity, and totally fresh takes on reality (and this year is no exception). We love the magnificence of the dance dome, how the balloon chain makes the sky its canvas and hitting up the hidden gem—the Coachella Art Studios—for the ultimate creative sanctuary where you can kick back, get your hands on some paint and canvas, and get creative! 

3. Coachella Leads In Empowering Women


Ariana Grande is now the 4th woman to headline at Coachella and as a brand founded on creating beautiful scents that bring out your inner goddess—we love to see boss ladies shine. Plus, did you see the *NSYNC reunion with Ariana???

4. Coachella Reminds Us To Get Dirty But Stay Glamorous

DefineMe Hair Fragrance Mist Delphine and AudryOne of the things we love most about Coachella is spending dawn to well after dusk with your tribe dancing—living wild and free. Even so, don’t let those long days get the best of you—you can still feel glamorous while dancing under the sun if you pack your festival bag with secret weapons like a refreshing hair fragrance mist, by keeping the H2O up to your lips, and some cute, comfy sneakers. Coachella is like hitting the reset button on life, hands-down guaranteed to leave you feeling blissed out and creatively reconnected.


April 15, 2019 — Jennifer Newton

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