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Why Going to a Wellness Retreat is Your Perfect Summer Getaway! 🙏💕

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Sometimes it feels like you need a vacation from your vacation right?! If you feel like you need some relaxation, you don't have to go far! You can find wellness retreats close to you especially if you live on the west coast. Different retreats offer different activities for your well-being that will make you feel like a new, recharged and relaxed person! Here are three amazing health and wellness retreats that can help you find inner-piece this summer. 

Wellness Retreats
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The Ranch | Malibu, CA

Located along the beautiful coast of Malibu, California, The Ranch is the perfect getaway designed for mental, physical and spiritual transformation. They offer 1 to 10 day programs depending on your desired time frame. Here’s what a typical day at The Ranch looks like: Morning stretch, morning mountain hike, a cooking class with their chef and lunch, a midday nap, group breakout sessions, evening yoga, deep tissue massages, facials and passing out.  Sounds pretty much perfect, sign us up!

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Golden Door | San Marcos, CA

Golden Door is 5-7 day mind and body transformation program inspired by zen symbolism and traditional Japanese culture. The Golden Door experience is all about centering and rejuvenating yourself.  They offer 30 miles of private trails, fitness classes, tai-chi on the mountain, biointensive-farmed meals, spa treatments and mindfulness sessions. The facility also includes a beautiful spa for all of your skincare and relaxation needs. Daily in-room massages, skincare and body treatments, mani/pedicures, exfoliating scrubs, and hydrotherapy baths for specific skin care needs.  

Wellness Retreat

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The Pearl Laguna | Laguna Beach, CA 

Located in beautiful Laguna Beach, The Pearl Laguna is an award winning yoga, hiking and cleansing retreat started by two renowned yogis, Geo and Katresha.  The Pearl Laguna offers single week and multi-week retreats designed to transform your mind and body spiritually and physically  The program combines a detoxifying diet with three major activities: yoga, hiking and meditation creating a powerful experience.  The diet includes fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs from the garden on property.  Every morning, guests are taken onto hikes overlooking the coast,  two daily yoga classes, a workout class, meditation, and a therapeutic healing massage along with optional amenities like pools and saunas.