Audry is a bright, fresh, floral scent that is meant to inspire self-love and a feeling of well-being. The scent wave starts with peony and pink rose, then flows into jasmine and magnolia blossom, and finishes with atlas cedar and sandalwood.

Here's what people are saying about Audry.
This is one of the BEST fragrances ever made, next to Sofia Isabel and Kahana! It’s a nice fresh floral fragrance that’s subtle but more long lasting.
— Soraya B.
It smells so good! I get multiple compliments a day for how I smell, it lasts all day!!!
— Reka
Audry is light and charming, perfect for everyday wear!
— Judith D.
I am really enjoying my Audry perfume oil. It’s light, crisp fragrance is a perfect summer fragrance for me.
— Trish D.
This is such a lovely scent. Every time someone smells it they always comment on how beautiful it smells.
— Jen E.
Audry has become my favorite fragrance! I love how my mood is lifted with just one spritz!
— Leslie