Clara perfume is a poetic ode to gratitude and grace, a fragrance that awakens the spirit and embraces your inner spirit. This soft, floral masterpiece caresses your senses with ethereal notes of blue violet, lily, hibiscus, lilac, and the gentle embrace of powder and oakmoss.

Here's what people are saying about clara.
Wonderful fragrance. It’s a clean and soft scent that lasts all day.
— Kayra M.
This scent makes me happy as soon as I put it on. It’s clean, it’s feminine and it’s light. I can’t get enough of Clara.
— Missy S.
Now if I were to pick a highlight for me, it'd be the lasting aroma of the blue violets. I personally have not preciously experienced it in a fragrance. So delicate, so powerful. Just wow!
— Virginia T.
Clara is my signature scent. I use all of the Clara products from DefineMe! I can’t live without without this scent!
— Cheryl W.
Clara is one of my favorite DefineMe fragrances! It’s such a lovely clean floral scent with a hint of powder in it. I love how it smells by itself or when I layer it with Delphine or Audry.
— Tammy H.
This is truly a beautiful fragrance. It’s sweet & refreshing at the same time and I get compliments where ever I go. The scent last for a good 8-12hours and the scent will linger lightly for days.
— Hannah C.