Payton is the embodiment of unwavering determination and boundless passion, a fragrant manifesto that encourages the pursuit of dreams with fierce strength. This gender-neutral elixir is a treasure trove of olfactory delight, with deep citrus, warm spice, and gourmand notes intertwining harmoniously. As you embrace the bold essence of orange blossom and petitgrain, the luminous mimosa and the tantalizing cassis add layers of complexity to your journey. Clove buds inject an invigorating spice, while the rich, comforting cocoa underlines your path with the sweetness of ambition.

Here's what people are saying about payton.
This one of my all time favorite scents!
— Heather S.
This smells spicy/ citrusy at first, then dries down to a really pleasant, clean and spicy scent that lasts a good 5-6 hours on my skin. Makes me feel happy, too. A real mood booster! Love it with the hair mist, too!
— Jennifer S.
I can't get enough of this fragrance and have been getting compliments left and right since I started wearing it. I love the spicy warm earthy scent and the hair mist is perfect. Not overwhelming, and lasts all day.
— Danielle D.
Received this as a present and used the entire bottle. My absolute favorite perfume scent, and the hair perfume idea is genius.
— Laila
I have been looking for a new scent for years. When I got this little sample, that was it. I knew I had a winner. Most of the scents I've tried had been to sweet and to flowery. I really like Payton. It just has a certain smell that I really like.
— Laura P.
Awesome scent, longevity and sillage. It's sweet but not sugary, and it has some lovely spicy notes. I can see the comparison to Coco Mademoiselle, but it is definitely different. I've already received some compliments and Ive only worn it twice. Will most definitely keep this in my collection.
— Gidget