Sofia Isabel is an enchanting elixir that beckons you to embrace life with the unbridled spirit of confidence. This intoxicating, gourmand blend is a fragrant manifestation of living freely and without hesitation. As the zesty mandarin and tangerine notes dance upon your senses, the depth of black currant and the elegance of jasmine intertwine to create an aromatic masterpiece. The fragrant journey culminates in the warm embrace of vanilla and a touch of sugar, reminiscent of life's sweetest moments.

Here's what people are saying about sofia isabel.
I get compliments literally every time I wear this. It’s my favorite perfume ever and I’ve never smelled another one like it.
— Cassidy R.
This scent is one of my favorites. It’s a very natural and sweet smell. It’s long lasting too which is great!
— Taylor O.
I love this perfume! It smells delightful, like citrus and a warm summer day.
— Meredith H.
From the first time I put Sofia on I just loved it! I get so many compliments…. Just a beautiful fragrance.
— Tina B.
I absolutely adore this scent! It's light, feminine and perfect for everyday wear! I am in love!
— Zoe
I immediately fell in love with the scent the moment I smelled it! It’s most gorgeous fruity sweet fragrance I ever tried in a long time.
— Soraya B.