We love women who are all about breaking molds and proving that they have the power to be successful in anything. We are highlighting 5 female-fronted girl bands that are using their voice to empower and show that they don't have to fit the stereotypes of women in music. There is definitely nothing more powerful than a women with a voice! 💪 These ladies are confident, strong, creative and so many awesome things we all aspire to be. ❤️  Check out what they have to say about being empowered in a dominantly male scene.    

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs

Karen O is definitely breaking the mold and not afraid to be unique. She's edgy and a badass and embraces everything with confidence. What's the secret to her confidence? "
Just pretend like you’re the shit, you’re the biggest fucking thing to happen to this city.”- SPIN Interview Thanks Karen O, you truly are "bigger than the sound". ❤️


The girls in Hinds are too cute and are all about having fun. We love that they find it important to reflect who they truly are and are not worried about being perfect.  

“There are a lot of girls in pop, but pop is about perfection,” says Carlotta. “We’re the opposite. We get messages on Instagram from girls – and boys – in their rooms, listening to our songs and just being free. They feel they can do it, too. They see us and see that it’s OK not to be perfect” -theguardian.com interview


The Coathangers

The Coathangers have been making music for the last 10 years and have proved that anything boys can do girls can do better! 😝  Not only can they can hang with the boys but they are showing that girls can do anything that make them happy and feel empowered by it. So what do you think their definition of "girl power" is? 

What’s your definition of girl power?

Crook: The power of girls to do anything they want to do. Whether you want to be a mother or a lawyer or a stripper; if that’s what you want to do, get empowered by it. Don’t let anyone pressure you to be a certain way. Just do it and be happy and be empowered by being a female. 

Rusty: And not taking anyone’s shit. The more they put you down, that should make you try even harder. Wear what you want to wear, act how you want to act, and have no apologies. Girl power means empowering your counterparts – other females. Women need to build each other up because society pins women against one another.

Crook: We’re supposed to be in a fight with every other girl band out there and it’s like, why? You don’t see Coldplay and U2 in a fucking fight because they’re both boys!
-galormag.com Interview



Cherry Glazerr

Cherry Glazerr are really using their voice to show that they are not a stereotype and are really pushing some boundaries! Their song "Told You I'd Be With the Guys" is getting the message across of how women should stick together and spread the love! ❤️ After all women are strong and powerful but together we're unstoppable! 💪 Check out what Cherry Glazerr has to say about female solidarity... 

On lead single “Told You I’d Be With the Guys,” you’re singing “Where are my ladies?” I can see one lady right there.

Sasami: Here I am. I’m over here, Clem! No, that actually happens in the video, though. Where Clem is being absorbed by males, and she’s looking for me, and I’m like, “I’m just going to keep playing my synth because no one seems to care about me over here.”
Clementine: It’s just an ode to female solidarity and how important that is socially and economically and politically and in every facet of the world. So female solidarity is something that I strive for in my everyday life and, both of us, in our everyday lives.
-NYLON Interview


The Ting Tings

The Ting Tings have the catchiest songs and you can tell they are having fun being creative! They use their music to show that there is freedom in breaking stereotypes. 

Is there a vein of feminist power in your music?

Katie White: I think it’s definitely an empowering thing for girls, yeah. We wrote [‘That’s Not My Name’] about feeling invisible…and trying to empower yourself. I’m a girl in pop music, trying not to run around stage just selling sex. We’ve got more creativity than that.
- Chicago Innerview

April 26, 2017 — Nela Velazquez

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