Being a mom takes everything you’ve got (and then some!)—not to mention it’s probably the biggest transformation any woman can go through. Ideally, every mom should be treated to a loooooong (phone-free) lunch or an indulgent day (weekend!) at the spa—but this is the real world and moms are busy! Here are some practical ideas that’ll go a long way to nurturing all the moms on your list whether they’re on-the-go, have five minutes to themselves in the shower or, need some instant peace.

Spa Day, Every Day

Make her mornings luxurious and her evenings rejuvenating with our deeply moisturizing Whipped Body Polish. Full of beautiful, nourishing oils like shea butter, coconut oil + sweet almond oil that will leave her skin feeling hydrated and velvety smooth (not tight or dry—it won’t strip out her natural oils like some do). All she has to do is scoop, scrub, rinse, and lavish in a deeply moisturizing after-glow.

On-The-Go Purse Spray (AKA Secret Weapon)

You know that mom who has hours in the morning to carefully chose her clothes, prep her skin, apply her makeup, and then gently finishes with a relaxed spritz of fragrance? Neither do we. Get this for the busy moms—they’ll love you FOREVER for gifting them this secret weapon. A quick spritz of inner power before school pick up, in the restroom before that important work meeting, or on her way out for coffee with the girls.

Instant Mood Boost

At the end of another long day, add this beauty to her bedtime ritual—a gorgeous hand-poured, soy wax, fine fragrance candle that inspires peace and tranquility during the evening. Or she can burn it during the day to feel fresh and beautiful.

For most moms, finding time for self-care and a little dash of self-love can seem almost impossible! Turn the tide for all the moms in your life and give them a moment’s peace among the craziness of everyday life while giving them the chance to feel like their most beautiful self.

April 23, 2019 — Jennifer Newton

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