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There really is no greater transformation than becoming a mother—and once you’ve stepped across the threshold, there truly is no going back! Goodbye personal time, goodbye long soaks in the bath, so long hours at the salon, and date nights...what are they again?!

Seriously though, while motherhood demands more than your pre-mom self could have ever imagined, taking care of yourself actually becomes more important than ever before (because everyone benefits when you do!). And while buying that super expensive dress or having a spa weekend might not be an option right now, there are simple things you can do to feel truly rested and recharged this Mother’s Day:

1. Make Morning “Me” Time

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Get to bed early enough the night before so you can wake up an hour before the rest of the house (it’s soooooo quiet!). Soak up the tranquility, take some deep breathes, brew your morning coffee, hydrate your skin after a steamy shower with a nourishing body polish...whatever feels energizing, do it—this one hour will change your life!

2. An Afternoon Uplift

A Define Me Fragrance On The Go Spray on a white table with yellow flowers.

Once the household is up and running (because mornings can be super hectic)—just getting out the door is an achievement but throw into the mix work deadlines, meetings, phone calls, errands and you can be left feeling frazzled (and it’s not even midday!). Take five minutes during your transition to the afternoon, hit pause, brew a calming herbal tea, and uplift your mood with a quick spritz of your go-to fragrance (even if you’re on the go!).

3. Unwind the Day’s Tension at Nighttime

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It takes concerted effort to wind down at nighttime—there’s mouths to feed, dishes to wash, laundry to fold, pajamas to wrangle on...and yet evenings are when you can actually begin to unwind the day’s tension (even in the midst of all that). Dim (or turn off) those bright, artificial lights, hit play on some chilled, background acoustics, and light some peace-inducing candles. The added bonus? It’ll help the kids wind down too (ever noticed how they often get hyped at night?!). Plus, it’ll help teach your kids how to care for themselves too. And remember that while most of us would like our homes to be immaculate and Instagram-worthy, your children will benefit more from a replenished mother than from a fresh batch of laundry!

Self-care should never be an afterthought (and especially not for mothers!). Even though modern life gives us plenty of reasons to drop it down the priority list, we believe that the more demanding life gets the more self-care needs to keep pace too. So whether you find you love rituals that involve something uber relaxing, social or self-reflecting, it's good so long as it makes you feel supported, nurtured, and refueled. Enjoy! You deserve it, mama.

April 30, 2019 — B Social Collaborator

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