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Enjoying Sniffapalooza's Fall Ball in NYC

I had the privilege to present DefineMe to some very sophisticated noses at Sniffapalooza's Fall Ball this past week in NYC. Sniffapalooza is a cult like gathering for fragrance aficionados held twice a year. The founders of "Sniffa" are what we refer to as "The Karens" Karen Dubin and Karen Adams. They created this event where perfumers, chemists + fans come together to discuss all things fragrance!

I'm not gong to lie, I was nervous! What will they think, will they like my scents, will they like my packaging, will they get the intention, my story, will I get their stamp of approval??!

I'm happy to report that DefineMe was very well received, phew!

Onward + Upward!

Me, Katy and Becky from Rebel Intuitive

Posted on November 02 2015 by Jennifer McKay Newton


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