DefineMe Fragrance Founder, Jennifer McKay Newton standing in front of colorful painted wings on a wall and holding hands in prayer.

Shinning bright this week on the Beautified Spotlight is Founder Jennifer McKay Newton! She shares the spiritual, in-depth, purpose behind DefineMe Fragrance..."We are not just a Fragrance...we are a Movement!"  

Of course, we love providing great quality fragrance that smells amazing but we want to create something bigger than that. We want to create a community of bad-ass, #GIRLBOSS women. 👊

It's exciting that in these times, women are finding the strength to speak their mind and be who they want to be. The #WomensMarch this past weekend only proves our unity and power. 💪

Ladies, we all have the power to be anything we desire. We want to continually inspire and remind women that we are capable of anything! 

So how does DefineMe Fragrance inspire women? Jennifer's reason and purpose for this brand explains everything...

What inspired you to create DefineMe Fragrance?

The inspiration for DefineMe Fragrance came from a spiritual (if you will) purpose and strong desire to create a way to help women feel empowered. To replace the repetitive negative messages we tell ourselves over and over with positive ones. She discovered fragrance was the perfect vehicle for that because of the connection between scent and our emotions. Our olfactory receptors are directly connected to our limbic system, the emotional center of our brain. When you smell our DefineMe Fragrances you are taking in messages of love, strength, gratitude, creativity, fearlessness and being a free-spirit! 

The Limbic system of the brain.

Catch Jennifer representing and explaining the #GIRLBOSS purpose behind DefineMe Fragrance this Saturday 1/28 at 7am Central Time. Check to see what channel Evine Live is on your cable provider or click on the image below for the live stream! 

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January 25, 2017 — B Social Collaborator

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