We're putting the spotlight on seven powerful, brilliant, and driven female entrepreneurs who are taking the world by storm. As a female-founded business ourselves, we recognize the importance of women supporting women. We're here to empower each other and lift each other up!

To gain a little insight into the minds of these amazing business owners, we asked them to answer the following question...

What is the best piece of advice you would give to women who are launching their own business?

Jennifer McKay Newton
DefineMe Fragrance

"Make sure your product or service is relevant to what’s happening now and in the future. Being a pioneer in something new is hard, be prepared to hustle. Think about scalability…ask yourself, "Can this product or service scale in a big way?" You will need to spend the next several years of your life dedicated to making it work and so make it something worth your time and effort. Create something empowering and beautiful that makes people happy."

Vanessa Erskine
Vanessa BABA

"Just do it! Don't try to make everything perfect before you make a move, it never will be perfect. Simply starting is the most important step."

Kimberly Carney

"Stay true to your vision and trust your instincts. I have stayed true to my vision despite setbacks and failures. There have been a few investors and/or advisors who have disagreed with me at times or given their opinions on what I should be doing. Some of these opinions have had merit and contributed to our growth, but staying true to my own vision, trusting my instincts and pushing through the noise has contributed to our success tremendously."

Colette Feldman & Michelle Possin
By Lilla

"Don't take no for an answer." -Colette
"Don't be afraid to ask for help." -Michelle

Candice Puthawala
Beauty Bar Chocolate

"Find something that lights you up and you feel very passionate about. Running a business will become a big part of your life life and you want it to be something that you can love even when you're exhausted."

Mazz Hanna
Mazz Hanna

"When I was launching my business I had a sign in my office that said "Progress over perfection." So often I would find myself obsessing over every little detail to the point that it became stifling. Don't get me wrong, details are important and often what sets people/brands apart, but can also drive you nuts if you let them. The reality is that nothing will be perfect the first time around, but once you are up and running the magic happens in the refinement. The only way to refine something is to put it out there and learn from it. Then make it better once you have that intel. But the most important advice is just to do the damn thing! You got this!"

October 22, 2021 — Hannah Toporoff


Gracie Opulanza said:

Top words against being perfect!

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