Want to make every spritz count? Here are some helpful hacks.

1. Spray your pulse points. What exactly do we mean by pulse points? These are spots on your body where your veins sit closest to your skin, so they emit the most heat. That includes the base of your throat, behind your ears, your inner elbows, on your wrists, and behind your knees!

2. Don’t rub! As tempting as it is to rub your perfume after you spray it, try not to! And here’s why. Rubbing it in can dull the top notes and cause them to fade and evaporate before they get a chance to settle. Also, rubbing perfume on your skin causes friction, which can actually change the scent.

3. Hydrated skin for the win. The best time to apply perfume to your skin is when it’s nice and hydrated. Make your favorite fragrance go further when you spritz it on right after a shower. You can also use an unscented lotion before you spray to make your perfume last all day.

September 20, 2021 — Hannah Toporoff

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