DefineMe Fragrance Delphine hair fragrance lying on a small white plate next to a soft pink flower and Harper fragrance oil.

After taking time to style your outfit, do your hair, apply your makeup, and find those earrings that are the perfect little bit of sparkle, it’s time for the finishing touch (or spray!): your signature scent. But nobody wants to splash out on fancy fragrance only to find that the scent has done a disappearing act by lunchtime! 😳Here’s how to give your scents ultimate lasting power with our essential dos and don'ts for spraying your signature fragrance:

Find Base-Note Heavy Scents

Fortunately, if you find a fragrance that works hard for you, you won’t have to douse yourself in it before leaving the house. Find a scent that is base-note heavy (AKA built-in lasting power!) because they are the ingredients that last the longest (think: woods, amber, leather, and musks).

Learn How to Apply & Layer—The Pro Way

Get ready for a pro tip, ladies! Most of us were taught to rub our wrists together after applying fragrance, but if you do that it takes the gorgeous top notes off the scent! Watch our how-to video on how to help your scent smell like it’s supposed to and consider layering multiple scents to encourage those lovely top notes (floral or citrus) to hang out a while longer.

DefineMe Fragrance Audry Mist and purse spray lying on white background with pink ribbon and soft pink flower.

Nourish First, Spritz Second

Before spritzing, make sure you have well-hydrated skin—oily skin or a slightly waxy texture will retain the fragrance for longer as opposed to dry skin. And while it might make sense to spray your fragrance the last possible moment before stepping out of the house, it’s actually best to do straight after you’ve showered and hydrated your skin. This is when your pores are at their most open, letting your scent to seep into your skin, giving you a longer-lasting aroma.

Hair Fragrance—AKA “Black Belt” Move

Not only are hair fragrance mists super Instagrammable (obvi!) and portable, but applying fragrance directly to your hair is a scent “black belt” move! Not only does hair carry scent much longer than the skin, but it’ll also create mysterious wafts that will have them wondering where that divine smell came from.

Keep It Cool 😎

Fragrance bottles are handy to have in your bathroom, but heat, humidity, dampness, and light are not their friends and destroy their qualities. Find a cool, dark, dry place (like your bedroom) to keep them cool and cozy and even better—if you still want your fragrances on display, keep them in the pretty little boxes they came in.

Knowing how to apply fragrances for ultimate lasting power won’t just make the bottle last longer and keep costs down, it’ll allow you to enjoy your favorite smells minus the hassle of constantly reapplying. So, from choosing the perfect base note-heavy scent to spraying not rubbing fragrance, get comfortable in the driver’s seat of being a pro at enhancing your precious scent and help it linger allllllll day long.


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