Say Hello To All Our Scents

We created our entire line of fragrances to be the ultimate accessory—an invisible but unforgettable reminder of your inner power. So, if you’re ready to be that girl that came outta nowhere, join us on our Glam Squad product tour, and find the perfect starting point for you! Girl, let’s go!

Be. Do. Whatever you want. Just feel good about it!
–The DefineMe Glam Squad
(Audry, Sofia Isabel, Delphine, Clara, Harper & Payton).

DefineMe Fragrance Mists

DefineMe Fragrance Mists: Let’s Party, But First Fragrance

Partying is fun, but soak up a sense of peace, freedom, love, and sensuality before you go anywhere. And besides, no girl is ever fully dressed without fragrance! Find your signature scent with our fragrance mists (yes, it’s a fine mist, no camel spray here!) and embody the affirmation that speaks to you most (oh, and we do a purse-sized fine mist for when you are out the door). Yes. Please!


DefineMe Fragrance Oils: Get Skin Close

The only people who’ll know you’re wearing our oils are the ones who get skin close 😚. For the “I’m not a huge perfume person” person, we’ve added blendable fragrance oils that last (and last) on the skin, working with your unique body chemistry. Our oils are so easy to use, and a little goes a long way. Just apply a small amount with the glide-on roller ball applicator, then experimentation time! Add your preference, try blending two scents together (no rubbing wrists, ladies) and hello, heavenly!


DefineMe Hair Fragrance Mists: Dirty Hair, Just Don’t Care

OK lazy hair girls, you might want this! Seriously, nobody wants to wash their hair all the time! Our line of Hair Fragrance Mists won’t leave your hair feeling crispy or crunchy or greasy or gross! Expect your hair to feel just really, really fresh. Great for extensions and clip-ons or when your hair is on the second or third day after washing, and it even works as a very light hold hairspray. #genius


DefineMe Whipped Body Polish: Butter Up Yo’ Self

Rise and shine, literally! Mornings in your house just got luxurious—jump in the shower (AKA your high-end home spa) and polish up with your favorite DefineMe scent. Full of beautiful, nourishing oils like shea butter, coconut oil + sweet almond oil that will leave your skin feeling hydrated and velvety smooth (not tight or dry—it won’t strip out your natural oils like some do). Scrub, rinse, and lavish in a deeply moisturizing after-glow.

DefineMe Kits & Samples: Experience Our Fragrances Before You Commit

It’s zero fun buying a whole bottle of perfume only to find it’s not “you”. As Marilyn Monroe (goddess!) once said, “There are no women who do not like perfume, there are women who have not found their scent.” Well, hello, cute sample kits! This is so fun—get all six fragrances in sweet little bottles, or try a set of two or three, invite your gal pals and make it a girls night in (If.You.Insist!)  

And if all that scented goodness has your head spinning, check out our bestsellers (AKA our regret-free zone!) and most importantly, join our movement of creating mold-breaking, barrier-crushing women one day, one step, and one scent at a time.

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