The Fragrance That Can Tell Your Mood

DefineMe Fragrance Oils bottles in a row.

The power of scent is undeniable: It can remind you of a person, place, time or thing with just a sniff. So, is the complete opposite spin—a perfume that actually predicts how you’re feeling that day—possible?

Jennifer McKay Newton, founder of DefineMe Fragrance, seems to think so. Her line of coconut oil–based perfumes (there are currently five in the collection and they can be blended) all have very specific intentions—and what she coins “personalities.”

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Need some extra oomph for an important meeting? You’ll be drawn to the orange blossom-musky-clove scent of Payton. Looking for a confidence boost? You’ll pick Harper, a decidedly zesty grapefruit-amber blend. The selection process isn’t totally scientific, but in an unofficial office sniff-test, four out of five women picked what they felt was their favorite and said it definitely corresponded to their current mood for the day.

Either way, the fragrances are lovely—all are soft, feminine, sophisticated and go way beyond your basic fruity-floral-flirty scent. The best part? The don’t smell like what everyone else is wearing—an incredible discovery no matter what your mood may be.

December 08, 2015 — Jennifer Newton

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