With winter quickly approaching, we're already thinking about which fragrances we're going to be wearing during these colder months. When the sun starts setting a little earlier, and the temperatures start to drop, we find ourselves gravitating towards scents that make us feel warm and cozy. Here are the scents and products that we're reaching for this winter. 

Rami - Clear Quartz Perfume Mist

Our newest scent has already made a lasting impression. Literally. Our Rami - Clear Quartz natural perfume mist last for hours and hours on skin with only a few spritzes. This warm scent has delicious notes of fig, black cherry, salted caramel, almond, golden benzoin, and amber. We paired Rami with clear quartz crystals to help bring a sense of clarity and purpose, and attract an abundance of whatever you are looking for. And that's just the kind of energy we're vibing with heading into the end of the year.

Payton Hair Fragrance Mist

Dry winter air can lead to dry winter hair. That's why our Payton hair fragrance mist is an essential part of our fragrance rotation. This anti-frizz hair fragrance mist not only adds shine and nutrients to your luscious locks, but it also will leave your hair smelling like our intoxicating, spicy Payton scent, with notes of orange blossom, petitgrain, mimosa, cassis, clove buds, and cocoa. 

Sofia Isabel Whipped Body Polish

To the same effect, our skin also gets very dry in these colder months. Our Sofia Isabel whipped body polish is here to remedy that! It's an exfoliating sugar scrub that hydrates your skin, leaving it noticeable softer and dewier. Plus, the Sofia Isabel scent will linger on your skin all day long, with delectably addicting notes of mandarin, tangerine, black currant, jasmine, warm vanilla, and sugar. 

These three fragrances are sure to bring a little warmth into your life this winter. And you can feel good knowing that all of our products are made with the best clean ingredients. They're vegan and cruelty-free, too!

November 02, 2022 — Hannah Toporoff

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