If you want to get the most out of your clean perfume, it all starts with how (and when) you apply it. Here are some helpful tips and tricks to make your favorite clean fragrances go further.

Spritz after a shower.

Spritz your DefineMe perfume after a shower

The best time to apply perfume is when you're fresh out of the shower. This is because your skin is clean and hydrated, which helps it hold fragrance longer. Add a whipped body polish into the mix to level up your fragrance (and skincare) game.


Fragrances loves hydrated skin. Using lotion on your skin before applying perfume does wonders for longevity. 

Spray your pulse points.

Your pulse points (like your wrists, your neck, behind your ears) are spots that are a bit warmer since your skin is thinner in those areas. Your body heat helps radiate your signature scent when applied to these areas.

Dab, don't rub!

DefineMe Sofia Isabel natural perfume mist

You might be tempted to rub your wrists together after spraying your favorite scent on your wrists, but try to avoid this! When you rub, you're diminishing the top notes, which will make the fragrance fade more quickly. Instead, try letting your perfume dry on its own or gently dab your wrists together.

Spray on your clothes.

Fabric holds fragrance just as well (if not better) than your skin! Mist your perfume on your outfit, and you'll get whiffs delicious scent all day long.

Use a perfume oil.

DefineMe clean perfume oil

While all of our fragrances are very concentrated (we use 27% perfume oil in our perfume mists!), our natural perfume oil rollerballs are made with 50% perfume oil. They're made with coconut oil too, which does wonders for longevity on your skin.

Layer up.

DefineMe Fragrance Oil Sample Kit

Double up by blending and layering your favorite scents. Find notes that complement each other and layer them. Not only will you get a scent that's super fresh and unique, but it also help with lasting power.

Not sure where to start? Give our fragrance oil sample kit a try. These also make great gifts for the holidays.

November 07, 2022 — Hannah Toporoff

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