You post, we listen. Nothing makes us happier than seeing you out there enjoying our fragrances! Your kind words and stunning photos remind us why we do what we do: to empower you, inspire you, and help you unlock your inner goddess through the magic of scent! Here's what some of you had to say...


“Let me introduce you too one of my favorite body polishes that I have been using. My skin is literally baby smooth and I don’t have to moisturize after getting out the tub. THAT’S RIGHT I DON’T have to moisturize because it’s made with shea butter, coconut oil, almond oil & more to keep your skin hydrated.”— @beautyful_profiles


“My scent choice is: @definemefragrance. Sofia Isabel is my summer favorite. Perfect match of mandarin, tangerine, black currant, with soft notes of vanilla and jasmine, makes me feel like Goddess.” — @soffee_1


“This is the very first hair fragrance mist I have tried, and I think it’s such a unique product! Not only does this hair mist make your hair smell incredible, but it is also helps with frizz, and adds shine! The scent lasts a long time, and it doesn’t dry my hair out which is important to me.” — @lifewithmorgan 


“This perfume is infused with Aquamarine crystals! So cute, right?? This scent is everything Summer in a bottle. It's sweet and aquatic with a creamy coconut base that I absolutely love! This is definitely in my top 3 from this brand.” — @justsheetmasks


"I’m blown away by how great they all smell, and it’s been so difficult to decide which to wear each day!" — @shmoopyreviews


"How I would describe this fragrance is it really fits its description, it has a bit of spice, slight smokiness to it that resembles kind of a beach bonfire at night. But the main notes I pick up from smelling this is floral and tropical. It's a beautiful fragrance and I see many enjoying this one!" — @dorkification

Keep sharing your favorite fragrances and tagging us in your posts! We love to see it.

September 14, 2021 — Hannah Toporoff


Ashley Epley said:

I’ve never purchased perfumes for myself, however my sister purchased me a bottle of Clara and it smelled amazing and affordable! Can’t wait to try out all the other scents.

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