Girl wearing school uniform and glasses standing in front of classroom.

We are so excited to introduce to you  and she is shining, oh so bright in our Beautified Spotlight (and in general) because of YOU! 🌟

As part of our mission to empower women, we have created the DEFINEME DOLLAR Program and are so grateful to have partnered with "She's the First" to help us achieve this mission. "She's the First" is a non-profit that provides scholarships to girls in low-income countries. For every bottle purchased we provide $1 to "She's the First"...and because of your purchases last year, you were able to provide a "Champion Scholarship" to Suscila! ❤️

The Champion Scholarship covers her tuition, empowerment programs, and boarding!

Now more about Suscila! 

  • She is a student at Kopila Valley Children's School in Nepal! 🇳🇵
  • She lives with her aunt, uncle, and grandmother.🏠
  • Her favorite color is blue 💙, her favorite subject is math📝, and she dreams of being a famous football player when she grows up!⚽️
  • Suscila is currently the goal keeper on the Kopila Valley Girls Football (US Soccer) Team! 🥅
  • She's also an incredible badminton player- she won MVP of the girls' team last year.

We cannot explain how overwhelmed with happiness we were to hear this news! Hope you feel the same knowing that your DefineMe purchases have made this happen! ❤️

We will keep you updated on Suscila's progress 💕 

February 22, 2017 — B Social Collaborator
Tags: Giving Back


Sara Roulston said:

I am doing my happy dance for Suscila!!! Look out world!!!!… because here comes another female prepared to take over!

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