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Fragrance Oils

  • Audry Fragrance Oil

    Audry Fragrance Oil

    Fresh. Floral. Love. Notes: jasmine | peony | rose | sandalwood with coconut oil. $39

  • Clara Fragrance Oil

    Clara Fragrance Oil

    Elegant. Floral. Grateful. Notes: lilac | violet | hibiscus | lily | musk with coconut oil. $39

  • Delphine Fragrance Oil

    Delphine Fragrance Oil

    Woodsy. Floral. Creative. Notes: lilac | freesia | ylang ylang | coconut | rosewood with coconut oil. $39

  • Harper Fragrance Oil

    Harper Fragrance Oil

    Citrusy. Sweet. Fearless. Notes: grapefruit | bergamot | honeysuckle | amber with coconut oil (a tomboy scent). $39

  • Payton Fragrance Oil

    Payton Fragrance Oil

    Spicy. Sexy. Passionate. Notes: orange blossom | mimosa | clove buds | musk with coconut oil (a tomboy scent). $39

  • Sofia Isabel Fragrance Oil

    Sofia Isabel Fragrance Oil

    Intoxicating. Sweet. Free-Spirit. Notes: mandarin | black currant | jasmine | sugar with coconut oil. $39

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