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Sofia Isabel Fragrance Mist On the Go


Sofia Isabel

is a free spirit who embraces life with confidence. 


Intoxicating. Sweet. Free-Spirit.

Notes of mandarin, black currant, jasmine + sugar. 

Blendable with other DefineMe Fragrance Mists + Oils.


Wear it to a concert or simply hanging out with friends. 

made with...

Lots of love, fragrance oil, essential oil, organic cane alcohol + fractionated coconut oil.  

On the Go fine mist applicator. 
9 ml | .3 oz

What people are saying...

I cannot rave about this brand enough. Not only are they cruelty free but they're also vegan and this scent specifically gets me SO many compliments it's crazy! I'm not joking when I say someone gave me a discount at Starbucks for smelling so good. It lasts all day with just a couple of sprays and is just the perfect perfume. - Leti (@xoloveleti)

Thanks to your purchase you are helping us empower women through fragrance with our DEFINEME DOLLAR program.

For every full size bottle purchased $1 goes to a non-profit that provides educational scholarships to girls.

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