DefineMe’s goal is to help you become your best self—so it’s only fitting that we also choose product ingredients with your well-being in mind.

DefineMe perfume oils are made with a blend of essential oils, natural fragrance oils, and clean synthetic fragrance oils. In the case of clean synthetics, we would choose to use them rather than an essential oil, when the synthetic is safer on the skin—or it’s the more eco-friendly, sustainable choice. DefineMe products are made with the best natural, simple, yet effective ingredients, such as sugarcane alcohol, which we use instead of ethanol, and fractionated coconut oil, which we use rather than a chemical base like dyproylene glycol. 

It’s also important to make note of what we don’t use. In DefineMe products, you will never find phthalates, parabens, petroleum, formaldehyde, or BHT.  And, all DefineMe formulas are gluten-free. To find the list of ingredients in each DefineMe product, visit the product’s web page.