Kahana is a fresh, calming, and beachy scent that is meant to inspire relaxation, mindfulness, and a feeling of being transported to a tranquil place. The scent wave starts with hibiscus and delicate pink pepper, then flows into coconut water and white orchid, and finishes with santal and soft blonde woods.

Here's what people are saying about kahana.
This scent is perfection. It is the most perfect beach scent I’ve ever smelled.
— Casey
The smell is indescribable, coconut-y, floral, lucious, lovely and I seriously mean that I wish I could live inside this fragrance. It is a wonder and makes me feel beautiful and oh so happy.
— Erika
This scent is light but so refreshing and delightful. It really takes you to a tranquil place which is what part of the description says. It's my all time favorite scent. I am obsessed with it.
— Natasha I.
This is another one of the BEST perfumes I’ve ever tried from DefineMe! It’s the nicest beachy coconut type fragrance I’ve ever tried in a long time. I’ve been using this almost everyday ever since I got it.
— Soraya B.
This is the perfect little pick me up in a spray. I love the clean light long lasting scent.
— Rita H.
I LOVE this scent!! I have a hard time finding scents that I like, but this one fits like a cool ocean breeze on a warm summer night! I get SO many compliments every time I wear it!
— Morgan