We matched the power of clear quartz crystals with our warm, deliciously gourmand Rami scent. Rami is meant to bring a sense of clarity and purpose, and attract an abundance of whatever you are looking for. The scent wave starts with fig and cherry, then flows into salted caramel and almond, and finishes with golden benzoin and amber.

Clear quartz is known for having a high vibration. It is used for healing and spiritual growth. Clear quartz enhances mental clarity and focus, and it also helps with manifestation.

Here's what people are saying about Rami.
This scent is my absolute favorite, it’s powdery and light but has a great staying power and isn’t overwhelming - I wear scents for myself rather than others and this one makes me feel calm and happy!
— Kristin T.
This is my new favorite scent! I'm completely obsessed. It lasts on my skin all day long. Plus the crystals are beautiful!!
— Hannah
Smells amazing, sweet. The spray is generous. Smell lasts. Plus the customer service was fantastic. Thanks everyone. I’ll be ordering more.
—  Karyn F.
I received so many compliments and “you smell great, what are you wearing?” comments. And the bottle is beautiful.. I would definitely buy again
— Jhoanne M.