Summer Hairstyles That Will Keep You Cool

Ok, we’re getting real. 

Summer is glorious because it’s warm and the sun is out there doing its thing more often. But-  the summer hair situation is not pretty. There is humidity. There is sweat. The last thing you want to do is take out the hot styling tools. 

Well, we scoured the web for #inspo and we found three summer hairstyles that will help you keep your cool. Plus, we paired the styles with our natural ingredients hair fragrances (which, were just featured in The Zoe Report) to keep you feeling fresh despite the sweltering temps. All the DefineMe Hair Fragrance Mists are formulated with hair-safe ingredients including provitamin B5 to tame frizz, chamomile for color radiance and aloe vera- which smoothes hair.   

Sideswept Braid 

Gal Meet Glam Twisted Braid

This is a super easy, romantic style that will take you less than 10 mins. For step-by step instructions check out Gal Meet's Glam's tutorial. We love this style with the fresh peony, rose, and magnolia florals of the Audry Hair Fragrance Mist


Sleek Low Bun 

elegant low bun

Add empowered elegance to your look with a sleek low bun. We found (and then promptly bookmarked) this Brit + Co's post on low bun styles for quick summery hair ideas. This style pairs well with our bold Payton scent that takes charge with citrus, musk and clove.


Messy Top Knots + Scrunchies 

two top knots

Yes, scrunchies are back in style. And guess what? They make top knots easier than ever. Follow's step-by-step guide for two top knots and then add your own twist with fun scrunchies. Wear this hairstyle with the sweet, free-spirited Sofia Isabel scent that has hints of vanilla, mandarin and jasmine. 



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