At DefineMe we love the Earth and take many steps toward respecting and keeping our environment clean and beautiful. We love being green! Did you know our packaging is minimalistic, locally sourced, FSC certified and 100% recyclable as well as our Ariel bottles are refillable. (coming soon!)⁠ In honor of Earth Day, we wanted to share some interesting facts about the holiday! 
  1. In 2009 the United Nations dubbed the day "International Mother Earth Day" so other countries call it that.
  2. The first Earth Day happened on April 22, 1970 making this the 50th anniversary!
  3. The Environmental Protection Agency was approved by Nixon in 1970 because of Earth Day!
  4. The first Earth Day had 20 million Americans participate which at the time was 10% of the whole US population.
  5. Earth Day has spread to over 192 countries and been celebrated by over 1 billion people!
We hope you are all staying happy and healthy. Have a great Earth Day! 
xoxo -DefineMe Team
April 22, 2020 — Megan Moberly

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