It’s REAL now, and the first thing we all need to know about coronavirus, is how to avoid contracting it. Washing our hands is number 1. When soap is more than a stone’s throw away, alcohol-based hand sanitizer is a reliable replacement. Yep, seriously - the Center for Disease Control even says so. When you’re looking for a hand sanitizer to keep in your clutch, or duct-taped to you at all times, we’ve got you: Hands by Define Me.

DefineMe Hand Sanitizer Clean Vegan Cruelty-Free

Wait, a fragrance company is making hand sanitizer?

Yes, that's right, 100%. The sudden shortage of hand sanitizer during this unprecedented moment in the world, moved us into action. We make cruelty-free, vegan fragrances that smell AMAZING, and to do so we realized we have a lot of the necessary ingredients to make an effective sanitizer that helps disinfect, moisturize, and smell good. As a scrappy indie brand, we implemented an idea in less than 72 hours! 💪 

Today, we’re helping to fill this need as we’re packing boxes as fast as we can to meet the demand. Still, we know that getting sanitizer in the hands of those who need it is only part of the solution. So we’ve also decided to dedicate $1 per bottle to go to non-profits that support feeding children and families impacted by COVID-19. As parents and providers ourselves, we know how critical a community support system is when things get tough. We're happy to share, THANKS TO YOU, our first donation went to No Kid Hungry, which provided 8,540 meals, so far!

Hand Sanitzer 460 sprays per bottle DefineMe Vegan Clean

 So how does the DefineMe Hand Sanitizer work though?

Pump the sprayer to spray on hands to completely cover them. Actually, you can pump the sprayer more than 460 times per 60 ml | 2.0 oz. bottle. That’s a lot of applications, and a lot of reliable safety from unwanted germs. Then rub hands together until dry. Making sure to work it in thoroughly - especially where there are wrinkles in the skin (well, they build character but also, maybe moisturize). Oh, and don't forget your thumbs. Children under 6 years old need to be supervised when using this product cuz, you know,  it’s not a toy.

Keeping our products vegan, we source alcohol from organic sugarcane. (Organic sugarcane is also a delicious addition to an iced chai BTW). So we’re using our 93% alcohol at 75% v/v (volume) (the CDC recommends 60%). The alcohol is for SANITIZING, coconut oil and aloe vera are for MOISTURIZING (your hands will feel silky soft) and our Audry/Love fragrance oil for SMELLING GOOD and spreading a little love. ❤️

Please tell me more about the smelling good part.

We like to call it a ‘LOVE SCENT WAVE.’ The swell begins its roll into your olfactory with a combination Peony + Pink Rose. This catches your attention without capturing it, like watching a seabird glide over the surface of the water. Then the scent builds slowly into a crest of Jasmine + Magnolia Blossom - you’re there on the sand tucked at the edge of the beach, enjoying the view in the shade of a tree. Then the wave breaks and changes shape. Atlas Cedar + Sandalwood delivers a natural, rustic tone that grounds and keeps you rooted as you carry on your way.

Thanks, I needed that right now.

We all do. DefineMe is here to do our part by providing you with a sanitizer to keep you clean using ingredients that moisturize for self-care and impeccable scents to ease and empower.

April 08, 2020 — Lift Sales and Marketing Collaborator

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