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If you’re reading this, you’re probably stuck inside at home - just like us. You might even be on your mobile phone despite it’s sudden limited mobility. We’re in a tricky time right now, but DefineMe encourages self-love, creativity, gratitude, wanderlust, free-spiritedness, and strength - in any situation. Here’s our short list of tips to help you bust through that barrier of boredom.

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash1. Get Prepped to Slay (Not Sloth) All Day: Working from home isn’t an attractive invite to lounge in pajamas - trust us. (Yoga tights are totally fine though, we’re not maniacs over here in power suits on the couch after all.) Part of getting stuff done like a bawse - even while at home - is getting the mental and physical headspace to be productive. 

For us, that involves the critical self-care regimen we would do if we were headed to a meeting across town. So go ahead, and rock a searing smokey eye or an ‘I mean business’ red lip - you’re about to werk. Then apply your favorite scent - and feel free to say it aloud complete with dramatic movements, ‘spray, delay, walk away’ - you are at home afterall. Our Harper fragrance, pops with Pink Grapefuit + Neroli to help infuse a little magic into your new indoor routine, too.

Photo by Dollar Gill on Unsplash2. Fearlessly Facetime: Humans, we’re social creatures. While it's tempting to text, a video chat can bring volumes of feelings otherwise left untouched. You might not be able to catch your crew at the regular spots, but you can converge online to talk your way through the distance.You’ve already dialed in your look for the day, so why not show it off. 

Don’t forget to get lit properly - with adequate lighting - whether you’re attending a business call or virtual happy hour. A few key moves with a basic lamp, or strategic positioning near a window will have you looking as vibrant as you feel.

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3.Yoga & Meditation: We’ve said it here before, but it bears repeating. Yoga and Meditation are relaxing and refreshing ways to start your day. Yoga and Meditation reduce stress, improve concentration, increase self-awareness, slow aging and benefit cardiovascular and immune system health. Short routines, 5-20 minutes, a day are all you need to get started. Morning routines help set a tone for the day, while evening routines help prepare for a restful night’s sleep. Try out a routine that works for you, and don’t hesitate to create that mental and physical space to prepare you to be your best self.

DefineMe Candle

4. Light a candle: Nighttime, daytime - doesn’t matter, just light a candle. We’ve got a few here if you need one. A single constant flame can do a lot for us when we’re in a tough spot - just ask Elton John. (Who? Rocketman.

The natural golden glow is also a much-needed respite from the consuming blue hue of digitized news, too. In a low-lit room, a candle can reframe the whole vibe - reinforcing the power in a single positive thought in an otherwise dark situation. Better yet, activate your olfactory with scented candles that calm - perhaps a Clara. Mindsurf the incoming scent swell of Blue Violet + Lily before dropping into the crest of Hibiscus + Lilac. Then ride out the break of Powder + Oak Moss to arrive at a new mood and mindset.

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5. Make time for Gratitude and Reflection: Sometimes it can feel like a maelstrom inside our hustle culture to constantly be on and extra. But the best way to combat the need to live up to or beyond the hype, is to stay humble and give thanks. DefineMe is about having the strength, confidence and individuality to be oneself truly and we hope to help you define your identity and journey.

Making time for gratitude and reflection can be as simple as thanking a friend for their generosity, or as complex as journaling the paths to overcoming obstacles in your life. Either way, the goal is to look inward and build on the definition of yourself. Stay true to you and focus on what you’ve done, who you have in your life, and how you will make your world a better place.

April 26, 2020 — Lift Sales and Marketing Collaborator

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