Let's talk about packaging and sustainability.📦♻️

As a conscious beauty brand, we're very mindful about our packaging. We think a lot about the materials we use, where we manufacture, and everything that goes into it. Our packaging (our boxes AND our bottles) are intentionally minimal. Our boxes are simple and can be easily broken down and recycled. Our caps don't have any fancy bells and whistles on them; they're minimal on purpose.

Another thing you won't find in our perfume packaging is... plastic wrap or plastic inserts. The beauty industry seems to be inundated with cellophane plastic wrap. Packages these days come with layers and layers of things wrapped in plastic and plastic containers, and it's super wasteful!

Sure, it can be exciting to receive an intricate box in the mail, especially in today's world of TikTok and unboxing videos. But if you get a tiny little perfume bottle that comes in a giant box decked out in lights, plastic, magnets, etc., think about where that is going to end up. Most of the time, it's going in the trash and ends up in a land fill. Is that fleeting moment of serotonin you get from opening an elaborate box really worth the waste that it's contributing to the planet?

When it comes to fragrance, the thing that matters most is the juice. We know a pretty bottle can be hard to resist, but at the end of the day, the fragrance and the scent itself are why we're buying perfume in the first place. It's what's on the inside that counts most.😊

There ARE ways to design packaging that doesn't harm the environment. It CAN be done. And we hope that this is something that we start to see from other brands more and more in the future. Let's work to be better for our planet.🌎💞

August 19, 2022 — Hannah Toporoff

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