Back to school season is amongst us yet again! Hooray! Well, hooray for new school supplies that is. We’ve put together 9 back to school essentials you need to get through the school year/semester. Your GPA will thank you later. Let’s crush it ladies! 💪

A group shot of back to school must-have items in the list below.
1. Faux Leather Backpack: Can't go wrong with a cute faux leather backpack! This one is available for only $19 at Target! 🎒💕

2. Tape Dispenser
Geometric and rose gold….a desk’s dream!

3. Delphine + Harper Fragrance Oil: Delphine inspires creativity, + Harper inspires fearlessness! Smell good, feel inspired, + get ready to tackle whatever the school year brings. 

4. Pencil Bag: Marble has been one of 2017’s most popular trends so far and will continue to be huge in the Fall. 

5. Pencils: You aren’t basic. Don’t have basic pencils! Nuff’ said.

6. Laptop Sleeve: Protecting your beloved mac will never go out of style!

7. Note Pad: Tackle that to-do list girl! 

8. Headphones: Zone everything and everyone out, in style.  

9. Planner: We can’t all have personal assistants but we can have planners!

August 24, 2017 — B Social Collaborator

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