Now that the world is getting slightly more back to normal, and summer is just around the corner, you might have some mixed emotions. While we’re excited to go out and see our friends and family again, it’s totally normal and natural for us to feel a bit anxious.

I mean, it’s been a while!

If you’re feeling a bit stressed out lately, here are some things you can do to create a sense of calm and some totally zen vibes:

1. Take a digital detox. Taking a break from screentime and mindless scrolling through social media can do wonders for your mental health.🧠 Read a book, go for a walk, or give your friend a good old-fashioned phone call!

2. Give your body some TLC. Whether that means stretching, meditating, or getting enough sleep, your body will thank you.

3. Spray your favorite scent. (Seriously!) Did you know that fragrance has the strongest tie to emotion? That’s because our olfactory receptors are directly connected to our limbic system (aka the emotional center of our brain). When you take a whiff of one of our DefineMe fragrances, the scent travels right into the emotional center of your brain, triggering a positive affirmation.🥰

May 25, 2021 — Hannah Toporoff


Mandy Daugherty said:

Your company has been a “God send” to me! My husband, Sean Daugherty just bought me the Ariel fragrance for my birthday on the 17th this month, It’s amazing! 🧜‍♀️❤️😁. I hope you keep it around! I loved the free sample I got as well! I can’t wait to get more! He will be buying me more from you all, lol. Have a blessed day!

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