We all know that perfume is meant to be spritzed on ourselves, on our neck, on our wrists, etc. But, we’re feeling extra inspired today. Why limit a beautiful fragrance to just one specific use?

Here are some clever ways to use your perfume that you might not have thought of…

1. Add it to your diffuser. Try putting a few drops of your favorite fragrance into your diffuser with water. Turn it on and let the sensational scent permeate through your home.

2. Freshen up your clothes. Clothing fibers can hold scent for a very long time! Spray your favorite jeans, sweaters, or t-shirts with perfume and you’ll get to enjoy the fragrance all day long. You can even spray your mask to enjoy the fresh scent! (Just make sure you wait ‘til it dries before you put it on your face.)

3. Take a perfume-infused bath. Step up your bath game with perfume! Fill up your tub with warm water, and before you get in, spray the water’s surface with your perfume of choice! It will diffuse so nicely, creating a sensational-smelling and ultra-relaxing bath experience.

June 14, 2021 — Hannah Toporoff

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