My top DO'S + DON'TS of Fragrance....

DO’s: Have fun & blend your fragrances, many collections are being made so you can blend to individualize.

DON'T: Never rub your wrists together, it takes the top notes off and only leaves the base notes! (Did you know this…when I was told this, I was like what??!)

DO’s: We’re not supposed to wash our hair everyday…so to keep it smelling divine run a little fragrance through your hair, especially fragrances blended with natural oils (ours are blended with coconut oil:)))

DON'T: A little goes a long way, people don’t want to smell your fragrance a mile away!

Most importantly have fun and experiment!

Jennifer xx

DefineMe Fragrance Oils bottles in a row on gold glitter.

July 31, 2015 — Jennifer Newton

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