This morning Dawn Gluskin author of Type A Zen posted this on her Instagram page...I thought it was so great that I wanted to share it with you all. Dawn approved of course! xx

In my daily meditation, I usually download a specific message, or theme, or reminder. This morning's thoughts kept going to compassion. Of course, we understand the concept of compassion towards others. Albeit not always easy to engage, it's the skill of being able to feel empathy for another, despite any perceived wrong-doings, unkind, illogical, or hurtful actions. It's understanding that they are human and, at some level, doing the best they know how. It's empathizing with them because they may be struggling in some way. It's lifting them up in thoughts and wishing the best for them. While not always easy, developing this skill is incredibly freeing. It allows us to not take things personally, to find acceptance in others, to not be weighed down by hard feelings and to live a lighter, more joyful life. And, as a bonus, we are sending well wishes to those who need it most, lifting them with our energy, and contributing to making the world a lighter place. Achieving this level of compassion towards others is not easy, but a beautiful thing to strive for.

But, to take things to an even different level, this morning's epiphany was: How often do we show this level of deep compassion towards ourselves? Do we give our own selves a break? Do we let ourselves off the hook saying, " I did the very best I could & that is totally good enough". I know I don't always do this. I realize that I often hold myself up to a higher standard than expected of others. Perhaps you can relate? But aren't we equally deserving of our own compassion? It's realizing that we too are human and letting go of a mistakes. It's giving ourselves credit for doing the best we can & realizing that everything is in divine order. It's freeing. It's liberating. It's empowering. And, finding the deepest levels of compassion for ourselves also allows us to love others even more deeply. So, my goal is to find even deeper levels of compassion for self & others. To love even more fully - inwards & outwards. Perhaps you will join me?

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July 23, 2015 — Jennifer Newton
Tags: Life Goals

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